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Despite the tides, fish biting along the Liberty County coast
Timmy Blount caught this sheephead during a recent outing along the Liberty County coast. - photo by Photo provided.

Well, hello, everyone all around this beautiful coastal area we are blessed enough to live in.
Let us send out some prayers and good will to all the folks in the Lowcountry in South Carolina.

I know we have been having some high tides as of late, but it has not stopped the fish from biting. My nephew, Boo Hall, and I have been catching plenty of shrimp right of the docks. I like to throw the net right when the tide is just getting in the grass or just coming out of it.
That`s what works for me. Could be because I am a dock dweller.

I have been looking forward to recent weekends to do some dock touring. The weather has been nice, and it’s prime time for fishing. My good friend, Lu Smith, caught a few catch-and-release trout and only a couple of keepers. She said she still had a good time. Any time out on the water is a good time — perfect for relaxing and cooling your brain down from that week at work.

All you have to concentrate on out there is watching your cork and being ready when it goes down.
Not much on the dock tour last weekend — only a few pinfish and couple of croaker. I am happy to see more croaker coming around.

Now here is a little fried-up crispy treat. It`s from, but you know I have changed a few things to fit my taste. I may have run this one by you before, but this is the time of year for a little crispy delight with just a hint of heat. That is why this week I am going with Frank’s Hot Sauce; it has great flavor and not as much bite as Tabasco.

This is what you will need:
1 pound of crab meat (if you can find some stone-crab claws, just cook them — ha!!)
1 egg yolk
1½ teaspoons of sea salt (hardy)
A healthy dash of fresh-cracked black pepper
1 teaspoon dry mustard
2 teaspoons of Worcestershire sauce
1 tablespoon of mayo
2 tablespoons (throw in a little extra) of hot sauce
1 tablespoon of chopped parsley
2 tablespoons of real butter
½ teaspoon paprika
A few crushed red peppers
Bread crumbs for coating the cakes (cook your on loaf of Italian bread and make your own crumbs)
Corn oil for frying

Lightly toss crab meat and all the ingredients, except bread crumbs (you knew that). When well-blended, shape into cakes. Roll each cake in the bread crumbs until coated on all sides. Heat oil in iron skillet, if you have one.

Fry crab cakes quickly in hot oil until golden brown.
Serve this up with some ice-cold lager of your choice, and the deal is done.

Remember what Old Tight-Line always said: “Get out there and go fishing, and if you do, remember always keep a tight line.”
That`s it for this week, friends. Remember: There is nothing wrong with being a dock dweller.

Living the tight-line
life on the coast,
Tight Line Jr.

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