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DNR announces K-5 poster contest
Attention local teachers
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FORSYTH — Teachers and students across Georgia are invited to discover “The Sights and Sounds of Wild Georgia” and participate in the annual Give Wildlife a Chance Poster Contest.
What do you hear, smell or see in your schoolyard, backyard or community park? Did you hear frogs, whip-poor-wills, cicadas or even a bat? Turn these sights and sounds into artwork and enter the 18th annual conservation art contest. The deadline for entries in the state-level contest is March 10.
The contest is open to all kindergarten through 5th-grade students in public schools, private schools and home-school groups. Participants enter at the local school level with drawings that depict their observations of Georgia’s native plants and animals. Top school-level entries proceed to the state contest at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia in Athens. First-, second- and third-place winners will be chosen there for four divisions: kindergarten; first and second grade; third and fourth grade; and fifth grade.
These top 12 winners will be showcased in the 2008-2009 Give Wildlife a Chance Poster Contest calendar. All state-level entries will be on display at the State Botanical Garden from March 22-April 5 in the Garden’s Conservatory.
This year’s competition theme, “The Sights and Sounds of Wild Georgia,” encourages students to explore Georgia’s many plant and animal interactions and the reliance each has on the other.  In the wild, animals’ survival depends heavily upon plants, and in most cases, plants need the assistance of animals to survive as well.
Whether in the schoolyard or the backyard, students can explore the outdoors and use their senses to illustrate “The Sights and Sounds of Wild Georgia!” Their artwork might reflect the melodies of birds and insects, or the chirps of frogs and hoots of owls at a nearby pond. What do the trees and soil feel like? Did any of the plants make a cool sound?
With approximately 3,600 species of nongame plants, 950 nongame  vertebrate species and countless invertebrate species of nongame wildlife in the state, the poster contest provides a great opportunity for teachers and students to learn more about Georgia’s native plants and animals.
The 2008 poster contest sponsors include the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division, The State Botanica Garden of Georgia and The Environmental Resources Network Inc. (T.E.R.N.).
Visit www.georgiawildlife. com (click on “Nongame Animals & Plants” and “Wildlife Education”) or botgarden for contest rules, entry forms and further information about the 18th Annual Give Wildlife a Chance Poster Contest.
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