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DNR streamlines system to buy licenses, boat registrations
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SOCIAL CIRCLE — The Georgia Online Automated Licensing System is being updated.
The Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division is adopting a real-time, Web-based license and boat registration system that will replace the current, decade-old system housed on computer hardware that is no longer produced or repaired.
The new boat registration system is expected to be available by the end of this summer and the hunting and fishing licensing system is expected to be available this fall.
One advantage, DNR says, is that customers will be able to purchase licenses in one of three ways; walk-in sales, Internet sales and telephone sales. Telephone sales have been unavailable for the last year.
There are costs associated with the new system. A new fee will be applied to all transactions, either single or multiple. During the first and second year, Internet sales of hunting and fishing licenses will add $2.75 as a convenience fee. This fee reduces to $2.50 afterwards. The fee on telephone sales of licenses is $4 for year one, $4.50 for year two and $5 thereafter. Boat registrations have an $8 fee for Internet transactions and applications submitted by mail and $10 for telephone transactions.
Most DNR offices that sell licenses now will continue to serve Georgia sportsmen. The fee applies to transactions of recreational licenses including lifetime licenses, honorary licenses and boat registrations.  Sales of commercial licenses will continue to be handled through DNR offices.
Boat registrations and sales of hunting and fishing licenses provide key financial support for fish and wildlife conservation. For more information on the new boat registration and hunting and fishing license sales system, go to
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