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Dock tour back in full swing
Tight Line column
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Hello friends and fellow fishermen, Ole' Tight Line here.
Well I've noticed that we've had some funny tides, a little off of what the tide chart reported. But the water has been fairly clear in the Half Moon River and we do have some reports to share from Yellow Bluff and the surrounding coastal area.
Capt. Jake Horton took Shawn Branson out and they caught 12 trout, two nice size spot tail, two drum and 10 whiting. Not a bad day.
Two anglers who asked to remain anonymous pulled in four spot tail, six black drum, two trout. They also caught and released 60 spot tail. Those will be the right size for a good catch in about two weeks.  So friends go out there and go fishing, and if you do, remember to always keep a tight line.
— Ol' Tight Line

Hey folks Tight Line Jr., here and the dock tour is back in full swing. My co-captain Boo Hall and I hauled in six snappers, five black sea bass; three black drum, two spot tail and one sheep head. I still can't believe what a good catch. We are catching snapper, black sea bass all right here at the Half Moon River. Another report from the dock tour came to my attention. Johnny Gaskin went fishing with Mike Faulker and landed some gator trout and I do mean gator because I saw them with my own eyes. They also landed four nice spot tail, five mangrove snapper and there net man, Craig Kenpriel caught a whiting.
Yellow Bluff reports having plenty of live shrimp and minnows. Get out and go fishing. Remember every hour you spend fishing doesn't count as real time off from your life. So, keep a sharp eye and watch the cork go down.
— Tight Line Jr.

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