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Dock tour slow, but some success
Donny Branch - photo by Photo provided.

Hello, folks. Looks like you had a nice weekend.
If it is Sunday and you feel like something is not quite right, take a look around and make sure you set your clocks ahead one hour. You’d hate for Monday to come and find out then. Just a friendly reminder.
Well, to say the least, the dock tour has been slow. I have not gotten too many reports of people catching fish as of late, but I do have a couple of reports.
Mickey Parker and Shannon Holdren, fishing last weekend out of Harris Neck, landed 10 whiting and eight sheepshead. I may have to start fishing with Mr. Holdren. If you recall last week`s article, he was the fellow who caught all those crappies. The man got going in fresh and salt water. 
Rob Wade, fishing with Jack Thomas out of St. Simons, caught eight spottail bass, six of which were catch-and-release. I talked to a friend of mine who lives around Thunderbolt, and he told me they caught some nice trout last weekend. My friend, who wishes to remain anonymous, said all of the trout were between 1 ½ to two pounds. Now that is some good news.
Well, folks, I hope we have a little breeze this weekend to keep the gnats at bay. But if you do get out there and need bait, here is where to go:
• Yellow Bluff reports having live shrimp and minnows; Rayburn said he would have some fiddlers next week.
• Clay at the Sunbury Crab Company has fresh frozen shrimp and squid.
• Half Moon Marina has live shrimp and frozen bait. 
• The Midway Feed and Supply have fresh water and salt water bait.
Well, if you have some time on your hands this weekend, get outside on the river and go fishing. Take a friend with you, and remember what Old Tight Line always said: If you do go fishing, remember to always keep a tight line. 
Friends, I would like to take this time to say goodbye to an old friend. The Coastal area lost a pioneer this past week.  Like his father before him, my friend Chuck Patterson left this earth. I would just like to say happy sailing, my friend, and a fond farewell.
Your buddy,
Tight Line Jr.

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