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Dock tour still doing well in hot days

Hello, friends and neighbors from all around the coastal area. This is Tight Line Jr., and I am back with a few fishing tales to share.

One thing for sure is that there is plenty of shrimp in the river, so get out there with your cast net and catch some bait to fish with and some shrimp to eat, just in case you don’t catch any fish.

I know the water temperature still is a little high. I will be happy when fall rolls around again; that’s my favorite time of year to fish. It was also Old Tight Line’s as well.

Well, anyway, the dock tour is doing well, though I have not been quite up to it as of late, but my nephew Allen Hall and my friend Capt. Hippie have had some luck.

Last weekend, Boo and the Capitan landed some nice ones. Boo hall caught a nice spottail bass, about a 22-incher. They followed that up with four black sea bass and four more spottail bass. The next day, Boo Hall went solo and had a heart-pounding experience. He hooked into one of those big-daddy reds, and even though the bass cut his leader on the shells, he still lights up when he talks about it. He did land three nice croaker.

By the way, we have all switched to 50-pound test leader. My good friend, Neal Patterson, and his brother, Buddy, took a little camping trip to McQueen’s Inlet last week. Neal said they did all right, catching a few trout, some whiting and flounder. He also mentioned landing some nice-sized croaker.

That is not the highlight of the camping trip. Now, my friend Neal only uses Penn reels. He recently found a good deal on a few large ones. Anyway, Neal was fishing in the inlet using 80-pound test line and steel leader. His bait of choice was yellow tail.

Mr. Patterson, who is a seasoned fisherman, told me that on four different occasions, he hooked up and was completely unable to even turn the creature that was on the other end. Broke his line twice and snapped the leader twice as well. I do not know what he hooked up on and neither does he, but it sure was an exhilarating time no matter what.

Bruce Buggs and party fishing out of St. Simons landed 29 whiting, two summer trout and 12 nice gold-head croaker.

For those folks without a cast net, Rayburn at Yellow Bluff has live shrimp, minnows and fresh dead bait. Halfmoon Marina has live shrimp, and the Midway Feed and Supply has salt- and freshwater bait.

That about wraps things up for this week. You can still have fun fishing even when they break your line.

So remember what Old Tight Line always said, folks: “Get out there and go fishing, and if you do, remember to always keep a tight line.” So until next time, friends, this is Tight Line Jr., living the tight-line life on the coast. Happy sailing!

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