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Fish biting despite wind
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 Well friends and fishermen, the wind has been blowing but the fish are still biting.
Here are some reports I received from Rayburn Goodman at Yellowbluff Marina.
John Wheeler and his wife caught 15 trout and four spot tail; Neal Howard, fishing with Richie Cribs, caught 18 trout and 10 spot tail bass; Brian Gach, fishing with Capt. Billy Prosser caught 30 trout and four spot tail; Capt. Bing Phillips and his partner, Robert Moody, caught 30 trout and 10 bass; Roy Redmond, fishing solo, caught 14 trout; John Rogers and crew caught 27 trout; they caught a few of those around the docks; Bobby Colmon, AKA B.C., fishing with son and party caught a 23 pound stripper and a 10-pound stripper.
Yellowbluff reports having plenty of live shrimp and  minnows.
Remember, if you do go fishing, to always keep a tight line.

PS: Hello friends. The dock tour is still cooking.
AKA Kayak Queen, Lu Smith, caught a 23-inch spot tail on small tackle. It was a sight to behold. Also on the dock tour, Al Ramsey caught two trout and one spot tail. Tight Line Jr. landed a few trout and bass this week. So keep a sharp eye and watch that cork go down.
Your buddy,
Tight Line Jr.
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