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Is this the greatest water filter ever made?
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The LIFESAVER filtration bottle is self-contained and easy to use. - photo by Grant Olsen
15 nanometers. Thats how small the LIFESAVER bottle 4000UF filters down to. What exactly does that mean? Well, the smallest known virus (Polio) is 25 nanometers. With this super-efficient filter, you can drink in peace knowing that its screened out all bacteria, viruses, cysts, parasites, fungi and microbiological waterborne pathogens known to man.

Theres even an infamous TED Talk video where the inventor of the LIFESAVER drinks water filled with dung and other nasty stuff.

No other portable water filter on the market can screen down to 15 nanometers without the aid of chemicals or UV light. So that makes the LIFESAVER one of the worlds best filters, right? Perhaps. Lets look at some of the pros and cons of this popular device.

The Good

The LIFESAVER is self-contained and easy to use. There are no hoses or extra pieces, like with a lot of other filtration systems. To get your water, you just remove the base, fill the bottle and pump three times.

The secret to the LIFESAVERs efficiency is its activated carbon filter. Not only does it screen out all the bad things that can make you sick, but it also improves the quality and taste of your water by reducing contaminates such as pesticides, medical residues, chlorine and sulphur.

Another benefit of the LIFESAVER is that its replaceable filtration cartridge comes with Failsafe technology. When the filter has lost its ability to clean your water, you can no longer pump water through it. Theres no second-guessing whether its time to replace the filter, like with a lot of other filtration systems. When its time to get a new filtration cartridge, youll know.

The Bad

Theres a lot of technology packed into a LIFESAVER bottle. In order to keep it lightweight, the designers used some components that lack ruggedness. Youll love how light it is if you take it on a backpacking trip, but you might curse its lack of durability if you drop it on a rock. The bottle is definitely breakable and some users have even gone so far as to call it flimsy.

Another criticism of the LIFESAVER is that the seal on the bottle sometimes leaks. While its true that the seal may not be top of the line, if youre careful to keep it clean and always keep the bottle snuggly attached to the pump, you should be fine.


The LIFESAVER is definitely in a league of its own. Its lightweight and portable, while boasting advanced filtration power. Though its not as durable as some other filters on the market, if you don't drop it and keep the seal in good condition, you should get years of high performance from it. Whether for camping, traveling or emergency kits, the LIFESAVER is a top-notch water filtration option.
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