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Product review: New Smith goggles feature ChromaPop lens
This coming fall, Smith Optics will release I/O goggles with interchangeable ChromaPop lens options. - photo by Grant Olsen
THE GREAT OUTDOORS Smith Optics has received great customer feedback for their ChromaPop lenses, which optimize natural colors and provide improved clarity.

The company decided to incorporate these vibrant lenses into a select line of their snow goggles. During the fall of 2016, theyll release an I/O goggle with interchangeable ChromaPop lens options.

The lenses come in three tint offerings: Everyday, Sun and Storm. As you might guess, the Everyday lens is designed for a wide range of conditions. The Sun lens mellows the harsh glare of the sun in bright conditions, while the Storm lens will give you impressive contrast on darker days.

With these ChromaPop lenses, putting on your goggles is like wearing your favorite sunglasses. You get that same degree of clarity and protection, and because the I/O frames are so lightweight, they wont give you the clunky feeling that comes with some other goggles on the market.

Each goggle in this line includes a bright light and a low light lens to adapt to a variety of conditions. The interchangeable lenses are available for the I/O7, redesigned I/O and I/O Womens, I/OS, I/OX, Squad, new Riot and Turbo Fan Collection goggles.

If you already own one of the frames listed above, you can simply buy a ChromaPop lens for it, rather than buying a new frame/lens combo. Smith intentionally made these new lenses compatible with older frames to make it more affordable for their customers.

One thing to note is that Smiths I/O frames are generally a medium fit. This means that while theyll fit most faces, theyre not always big enough to accommodate those of us with really big noggins. If youve had trouble in the past with goggle frames that werent large enough to comfortably fit your face, you may want to instead go with an option like the Oakley 02 XL or the Dragon Alliance APX.


PRICE: Starting at $180

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