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Sneak in some fishing before hot weather really hits
Tim Blount, his wife, Missy, and his mother-in-law, Joyce King, on Mothers Day caught 16 sheepshead, four black drum and 20 whiting. - photo by Photo provided.

Hello, friends and neighbors all around the coastal area. I hope you’ve had the chance to enjoy the weather we have been having. This is a wonderful time of year to get out on the saltwater and do some fishing.
I was just thinking the other day about how we’re always hearing about young folks around the world who seem to choose the wrong path. All I am saying is, if you get the chance to take a young person fishing and make a day of it, that would be a good thing. Let’s get hooked on fishing, and life will work things out.
Now, let’s talk about fishing. The water temperature has been about 61-62 degrees. I like it to be about 65-68 because that’s what the big spottail and trout like. What you want to do this time of year is catch a dead low tide early in the morning, so the sunshine can warm up the bank and the shells.
My good friend, Neal Patterson, has been hammering the big whiting with fresh, dead bait. He recently changed his bottom rig to one that neither he nor I have really liked in the past — a two-hook bottom rig. With those, you need to remember not to reel in if you get a strike and miss it, which is natural instinct. You have to think, “ Hey, I still have another hook down there with bait so I must wait.”
On this Memorial Day weekend, I also want to thank all the men and women around the world who are serving in the armed forces. A special thanks goes out to all the veterans for all they have done to keep our great country free. God bless you all, and God bless America.
Remember what Old Tight line always said: “Get out there and go fishing, and if you do, remember to always keep a tight line.”
That’s it for this week, folks.

Your buddy,
Tight Line Jr.

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