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So many fish, so little time
Hello friends and fishermen.
Rayburn Goodman reports having plenty of live shrimp and minnows.
These are some fishing reports I received from Yellow Bluff Marina.
Bill Forehand and party caught 24 trout and 8 spot tail; Chris Peyton, fishing with Jason Balakiewicz, caught 15 trout, five bass, and three flounder; Capt. Robert Moody, flying solo, caught 15 trout; Roy Redmond and party had 42 trout; Clayton Boyer and Billy Davis caught 11 trout and one whiting; a family affair, Joe, Matt and Tammy Fanning caught 15 trout; Bob and Sydney Daughtry caught 15 trout; Neal Howard, fishing with Richie Cribbs, caught 10 spot tail and 12 trout; Deniese and Herman Wheeler caught 30 trout; Billy Whise, fishing with David Baker, caught 28 trout and 10 spot tail bass; Andy Hill and party caught 40 trout; Roger and Angela Scrofield caught 28 trout and 10 bass.
Remember friends, if you do go fishing always keep a tight line.

PS: The Tight Line Jr. dock tour strikes again.
Three new, very young members of the tour, Abagale, Meritt and Sara caught two trout and one flounder.
Last week, the lady angler who caught the 22-inch spot tail was Lu Smith, AKA Kayak Queen.
The photo is a few catches from the dock this week.
Remember, keep a sharp eye and watch that cork go down.
Your buddy,
Tight Line Jr
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