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State closes shrimp trawling
White shrimp spawning season
Shrimp trawlers
The DNR is telling shrimp trawlers to not work off Georgia during white shrimp spawning season. - photo by Stock photo

The Department of Natural Resources has closed the shrimp trawl season because of the white shrimp spawning season.

The closure for federal waters off Georgia went into effect Wednesday morning. DNR closed state waters earlier.

Here is the DNR news release:

“• No person may trawl for brown, pink, or white shrimp in federal waters off Georgia.

“• The closure is effective 8:45 a.m., local time, January 24, 2018.

“• NOAA Fisheries will issue a new Fishery Bulletin announcing the re-opening to shrimp harvest in federal waters off Georgia.



“• The purpose of the closure is to protect the white shrimp spawning population.

“• Georgia closed its state waters to all shrimping on January 15, 2018, due to a prolonged period of water temperatures at or below 9°C in the region.

“• Georgia requested NOAA Fisheries to close federal waters off Georgia.



“• Possession of brown, pink, or white shrimp is prohibited on board a vessel in federal waters off Georgia unless the vessel is in transit through the area and all nets with a mesh size of less than four inches, as measured between the centers of opposite knots when pulled taut, are stowed below deck.

“• Any vessel trawling within 25 nautical miles seaward from the Georgia shoreline must use trawl nets with a minimum mesh size of four inches or greater.

“This bulletin provides only a summary of the existing regulations. Full regulations can be found in theFederal Register.”

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