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Tax Day tip: Dont forget to give wildlife a chance
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SOCIAL CIRCLE — Need a reason to smile this Tax Day? Try contributing to Georgia’s “Give Wildlife a Chance” state income tax checkoff.
Donations fund non-game wildlife conservation in Georgia. Non-game animals, those not hunted or fished, benefit. So do native plants and natural habitats.
The checkoff is critical to the Georgia Wildlife Resources Division’s Non-game Conservation Section. The section receives no state appropriations. Yet its research, land acquisition and educational efforts aid wildlife and wild places that help make this state enchanting now and for future generations. The natural diversity varies from the ruby-throated hummingbirds zipping around backyard birdfeeders to cool mountain bogs at risk of disappearing from the Blue Ridge landscape.
Through the public’s generosity, the Give Wildlife a Chance checkoff has raised $5.75 million for the state Wildlife Conservation Fund since the checkoff’s start in 1989.
And there is still time to contribute this year: April 15 is days away.
Fill in any amount more than $1 on line 26 of the long state income tax form (Form 500) and line 10 of the short form (Form 500EZ).
Contributions can be deducted from tax refunds or added to payments.
For details on projects funded by the checkoff and nongame license plates (those with the bald eagle or hummingbird images), visit or call Non-game Conservation office in or Brunswick at (912) 264-7218)
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