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Tight Line for March 2
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Hello friends and fellow fishermen. Sorry I missed everyone last week. Here are some reports from around the coastal area.
Rob Bragg, fishing with Stephanie Bragg, Lance and Shawn “Van Dam” Branson, caught a 24-inch flounder, landed by Stephanie, and a nice mess of black sea bass; Mike Young, fishing solo, landed 23 nice trout with minnows fishing from the Hill; Capt. Johnny Woods, fishing with John Kempkter and their daughters Bonnie and Logan, landed 20 spottails; 13-year-old KaLynn Fitzgerald, fishing with her father, landed 12 black sea bass, one red snapper and two sharks. I’m sure she was thrilled.
I always love to hear about young anglers catching fish.
So, friends, get out and go fishing, and if you do, always remember to keep a tight line.
Old Tight Line

Tight Line Jr. here.
Lovely weather for being out on the water. The dock tour this week landed three spottail bass and two black drum. I was allowed to witness an unbelievable sight. I saw about a 36-inch spottail bang a rock to get some shells off. It was truly a sight. So keep a sharp eye and watch that cork go down.

Your buddy,
Tight Line Jr.
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