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When do you mark your ball?
Rules of Golf
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QUESTION: Martha and Jack are playing in a stroke play tournament. Martha hits her ball on the fourth hole just past the hole. As Jack prepares to chip his ball onto the green, Martha proceeds to mark her ball.
Jack asks her not to mark her ball as it may assist his ball in stopping if he misses the hole. Martha agrees and lets her ball remain in place.
Is Jack allowed such a request and can Martha agree?
ANSWER: No, if they are competitors (Rule 22-l). If Jack then proceeds to hit his ball without Martha’s ball being marked, they are both disqualified.
Yes, if they are partners.
However, if another competitor feels that it would provide Jack with an unfair advantage, then they can ask that Martha mark her ball.
If this happens and Martha refuses to mark her ball, she is disqualified. If Jack proceeds to chip and hits Martha’s ball, he is also disqualified. If he misses her ball, he receives no penalty.
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