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Wild Facts
Striped Chorus frogs
Striped Chorus Frog - photo by Photo provided.
Not all frogs breed during the warmer months. From November through March, you may hear upland chorus frogs trying to attract mates. Their call sounds like a fingernail repeatedly running across the teeth of a comb.
Despite the loud noise it makes, locating this tiny, well-camouflaged amphibian is difficult.  Upland chorus frogs only reach æ to 1 1/2 inches in length. They are brown to gray in color, sometimes with a pinkish tinge.
Although patterns vary greatly from striped to spotted, upland chorus frogs always have a light line along the upper lip and a dark stripe extending from snout to groin and passing through the eye.   
WILD Facts is a regular feature written by Linda May, a wildlife interpretive specialist with the Georgia DNR Wildlife Resources Division.
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