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Police blotter: Student upset over testing threatens to shoot school board
Student later tells Hinesville police he was joking
Police blotter

From Hinesville Police Department reports:

Threats: Police were sent April 26 to Horizons because a student threatened to shoot the school board. The complainant said a teacher told her the student “was upset about having to take the three parts of the English exam for the end of course test,” the report said, and told her he’d go to the board of education office and “’shoot them up.’” Police talked to the student, who admitted to saying that but “advised he was only joking.”

The report said the complainant didn’t want to sign a juvenile complaint form because the school investigation was still ongoing, but “other school officials might elect to pursue charges for the offense.”

Criminal trespass: A woman reported April 26 that a man offered her $500 to put fiber optic cable in her back yard.

The woman said the man told her he worked for SinglePoint Acquisition’s Group, a contractor of Georgia Power. The woman said she got suspicious when he changed his story and said he actually worked for Southern Telecom. The officer who took the woman’s complaint called the man, who said he’d come to HPD the next day to “verify his credentials.”

Criminal trespass: Police were sent to a Highway 84 Waffle House around 4:30 a.m. April 27 because a woman “messed up” the restaurant. 

The complainant said the woman went beserk after her order was cancelled. “(She) ran to the bar area and started to throw plates. She also threw cups and sugar shakers, breaking all the items.” She then drove off in a silver car, but cops found her down the road. 

Theft: A South Main Street woman reported April 25 she started her car around 7 a.m. the day before to let it warm up. “(She) said she was inside her residence with her son getting him ready for school. When she came outside and entered the vehicle she noticed her purse was missing.” 

The woman said she thought she’d misplaced the purse but got a call the next day from Navy Federal to verify attempted withdrawals using her debit card. She cancelled her cards and called the police. 

Threat: A man reported April 25 he got an anonymous message using Facebook that said “you may think this is a joke or just a dream, but I am behind everything that has been happening to you. I know everything about you ….”

The message went on to say the sender knew the man’s ex-girlfriend and was the reason “why men are harassing her,” the report said. “I am the reason behind everything. I hired a hit man to kill (the woman). You might be next. Enough said I need to get back to work. Sincerely, anonymous.”

The man said he didn’t know who sent the message. 

Theft: A Richmond Lane man reported April 25 his wife stole his weight set. The woman said just been served a temporary restraining order that “stated she was not to be at the residence without an escort from local law enforcement and only to pick up personal property.” The man said when he got home, his weights were gone, including two 45 pound bumper plates, two 10 pound bumper plates, two five pound bumper plates, a 35 pound kettle bell, two 53 pound kettle bells a 45 pound Olympic straight bar, 300 pounds in various weight plates, a curling bar and weight bench.

That’s not all. The man also found an empty box for a Smith and Wesson .45 caliber. Inside the box was a seven-round magazine and a box of 14 bullets, with six missing from it. 

“He stated he does not own a Smith and Wesson pistol and was unaware (his wife) had purchased one.”

The man was told to call police and update his report if he saw something else missing.

Theft: A woman told police April 25 that a neighbor told her he saw “a white female take a lawn chair from (the woman’s) front driveway. (The neighbor) stated he told the woman to stop and she laughed (and then drove off in a blue SUV).”

The man said three girls tried to take the same chair earlier in the day but he stopped them. 

The woman said the “chair was a promotional gift from and that the chair was given to the residents of Wayfair Lane.” 

The woman said she was also missing a $50 gift card given to residents as part of the promotion. She said it was in an envelope on the chair.

She was given a case number.

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