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Acid trip apparently goes wrong
Hinesville PD blotter for Jan. 2

From Hinesville Police Department reports:

Indecent exposure, more: From a Dec. 23 report comes this narrative of a man police found laying in the middle of the road with no shoes on in the area of Peacock Trail and Hill View Circle around 1:30 a.m.

The officer who found the man was helping other officers on a call. "I stopped my vehicle and went to check on the subject," the report said. "(he) got off the ground and walked directly in front of my patrol vehicle and began having a conversation with my front bumper. I approached (the man) and attempted to speak with him to gain his information. (He) was clothed but not wearing any shoes. During the conversation (he) stated his shoes were down the street. When I asked where he lived he pointed in the opposite direction of where he stated his shoes were."

The man also was threatening. "(He) approached me several times in an aggressive manner. Both times I told (him) to stay back and I took a step back to distance myself from him. (The man) was speaking irrationally. He stated several times he wished to die and that he was sorry. (He) made an unintelligible comment. He then stripped off all his clothes and began running down the street. When (he) began to run his pants were around his ankles causing him to trip. He fell to the ground, got up, and began to run again."

The officer "located (the man) approximately four houses down from where I originally made contact with him. I attempted several times to get (the man) to sit on my back seat to get him out of the cold."

The man refused and "became very combative." He also "began walking towards a retention pond that was in the area. I went to grab (the man) by his ankle while he was in the grass to keep him from entering the pond. He spun around and attempted to punch me in the face," the officer reported. "(Another officer) deployed his pepper spray ... (The man) ran down Hill View Circle for approximately 30 feet before he sat down on the ground.

Police were then able to get the man handcuffed and into a patrol car. They took him to the hospital, and the reporting officer noted "when I asked (the man) if he had taken anything he advised me that he had taken ‘acid.’ While transporting (the man) to the hospital he made several more statements that he wished to kill himself."

At the hospital, police were met by the man’s stepfather, who told them he would ensure the man appears in court. "(The man) was given medication to sedate him. He calmed down and was awaiting transport to a mental health facility."

Police were initially called to a Hill View Circle address regarding a possible burglary. The complainants said they heard someone moving around downstairs, loudly told the person "I hear you" and "then the backdoor closed," the incident report said. Nothing appeared missing.

Pointing a gun at another: It’s getting stupid out there. A Churchfield Drive man said he went outside around 11:30 p.m. Dec. 23 and saw two men standing by his property. The complainant said he asked them if he could help them and one of the men "pulled out a firearm pointed at him walked toward him."

The complainant said he went inside, locked his door, "called 911, and got his firearm out in case the suspects attempted to enter his residence."

The complainant told police he saw a blue car with two men inside earlier in the day and thought it looked suspicious. Police looked for the men and the car but came up empty. The man was told to call 911 again if the men returned.

Robbery: An officer was sent to Walmart after midnight on Dec. 28 regarding an attempted armed robbery. There, he talked to the victim, who said he was walking to Walmart when a man walked up behind, tapped him on the shoulder "and demanded that he empty his pockets."

Didn’t happen. Instead, the man "stated he became angry and began to chase the subject. The subject fled the area on foot, running on Veterans Parkway headed towards S. Main St. (The victim) stated he then went to Walmart to call 911."

The man described the robber — black male, black hoodie, blue jeans and a bandana over his face, slender build — and said "the subject had a small black handgun down at his side."

The man also said the robber didn’t get anything and never pointed the gun at him. Police checked the area and could find no evidence, but Walmart management was notified and said they’d check security video.

Suicidal threat: An Eco-nolodge clerk called police around 4 a.m. to tell them a man staying at the motel came down to ask her "if he filled his bath tub up with water and took a bunch of pills if he would fall asleep and drown. She said he asked if she had a gun on her. He said he was looking for some alcohol and a gun. He said he was driving a red (car) but he broke the key off in the lock and had to replace it before he could drive it."

The woman said she called 911 when the man went to the lobby bathroom. The man was a registered guest, and an officer found his car in the parking lot. The officer then went to check the man’s room. He wasn’t in, but the bathtub was "filled up with water with bath salts on the side of the tub."

The clerk was told to call 911 if the man returned.

Auto theft and burglary: An officer was sent to a Slade Street address around 5:30 a.m. Dec. 23 regarding a man who said his work truck was stolen.

The man said "he started his vehicle and left the keys inside while he went back into his home to retrieve his work belt," the report said. "While inside of his home, he heard the truck being driven away."

Twenty minutes later, another officer was sent to a Monroe Avenue address regarding a burglary in progress. "Upon my arrival, officers from the previous shift had cleared the home and were attempting to locate the suspect(s)," his report said. "The truck that was located in the backyard was the stolen truck from (the Slade Street address). The suspects who took the truck had driven it over a chain linked fence to gain access to the back yard. While parking the truck, the suspect backed into the home. There was damage to both sides of the truck as well as front end damage …. The keys to the truck, along with a soda and pack of cigarettes, were located on the back patio of (the Monroe Avenue home)."

The man came to "take possession of" his truck, a 2005 Ford. He said nothing had been taken from the truck other than the soft drink and cigarettes.

Police were initially called to the Monroe Avenue address, site of a vacant home, by a neighbor who head "a loud crash and thought there was a car accident."

Criminal trespass: An officer was sent to a Sandy Run Drive apartment around 11 a.m. Dec. 26 to umpire a domestic situation. The complainant said he left the apartment last night because "the mother of his children" was accusing him of having "a romantic relationship with another man."

The man said he returned to get some of his property "when he found his clothes on the front step and his X-box broken." The man also showed the officer a text message the woman had sent his friend, who forwarded it to the complainant. "In the text message, (the woman) said she put (complainant’s) clothes on the porch and smashed his X-box. (Complainant) told me (the woman) broke the same X-box in the past, but he was able to fix it."

The woman wasn’t at the apartment when the officer showed up. He stood by while the man gathered some things and left.

Criminal trespass: A woman told police Dec. 27 she was getting harassing phone calls from another woman because she was at a store with the woman’s boyfriend.

"The last phone call (the suspect) made was to inform (the complainant) that she was dropping off his clothing at (the complainant’s) residence," the report said. "When (the complainant) arrived at her residence there was a red laundry basket filled with clothing inside on her steps and a belt (the boyfriend’s) was thrown through one of her windows, breaking the window and the blinds also were damaged."

The complainant said she believes the woman broke it when she dropped off the man’s clothing.

She was given a case number.

Public drunk: An officer was called to E.G. Miles Parkway around 9:30 a.m. Dec. 24 because of an anonymous call about a man laying near the sidewalk. Initially, the caller said the man wasn’t moving, then said he was. EMS got there first and paramedics tried to get the man to speak. Then the officer tried to help.

"When the male began to speak/wake up he became very upset and began to yell, making threatening statements and telling me to leave him alone," the officer reported. "The male then began to walk away, while stating that his daughter just died."

The officer and EMS "observed the odor of alcohol coming from the male’s breath," and "also noted the male’s slurred speech and his staggering walk."

He told the man that he and the EMS workers were there to help and that they needed his name. Eventually, the man yelled out his last name "and threw his book bag on the ground. As his book bag hit the ground I heard a glass bottle break, within the bag, and liquid began to flow from the bag (The man, without being asked) then removed his shirt to show he did not have any weapons."

Another officer showed up to help out. The man still refused to settle down, so he was handcuffed. He then "provide all necessary information to be issued." He was given a ride home, cited and given a court date. "(The man) also had family on scene at his home, who advised that they were unaware of a death in the family."

Shoplifting: An officer was sent to a Family Dollar store on Highway 196 around 7:30 p.m. in regards to a shoplifting. There, he saw security video of a man "come into the store and walk straight to the rear of the store. The male stopped in front of the end cap where the air fresheners are, take two (Black Ice) air fresheners off the shelf and put them in his left rear pocket. The male exited the store at (7:09 p.m.) and the red lights on top of the sensor detector flashed." The man left in a white car.

The store manager got a case number.

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