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American Lung Association offers free flu shot clinic
Find the location nearest you online
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Finding a nearby spot to get a flu vaccine is just a click away because of the American Lung Association’s fast and free “Flu Clinic Locator” now available at
The American Lung Association’s online flu-clinic locator tool, the largest interactive web site of its kind, makes it easy for the public to find flu shot clinics in their local area.
By typing in their 5-digit ZIP code, site visitors can receive a list of immunization clinics in their area.
Site visitors may also schedule appointment reminders and sign up to receive seasonal influenza news. The Flu Clinic Locator remains active as long as public influenza immunization clinics are offered.  
Health experts recommend the vaccination for more than 220 million people in the U.S. Despite this recommendation, influenza immunization rates fall far short every year. “Those getting a flu shot reduce their chances of contracting not only the flu, but infectious complications of the flu,” said June Deen, spokesperson for the ALA - Southeast Region.
“It is especially important that those over age 50 and under age 5 get vaccinated, as well as those with chronic diseases such as asthma and emphysema,” Deen said.
The Lung Association is also launching the Faces of Influenza, a national educational campaign to help Americans put a “face” on influenza and the need for annual vaccinations. The initiative provides educational materials for consumers and health-care providers.
Jennifer Garner and other celebrities, public health officials, and everyday people are featured in the Faces of Influenza campaign. The Lung Association has a Web site,, where consumers and health-care providers can find more information about influenza and the importance of immunization. Visitors to the site view the photographs and stories featured in the Faces of Influenza Portrait Gallery, see the public service campaign and utilize the Flu Clinic Locator.
For more information call (800) LUNG USA or visit
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