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Arrest clears as many as 37 area burglaries
1209 Donta Chapman
Donta Chatman - photo by Long County Sheriff's Department photo
A man who led the Long County Sheriff’s Department on a 20-mile car chase across Long and McIntosh counties Friday morning is facing burglary charges in Liberty County and will likely face charges in other counties as well.
According to Liberty County Chief Deputy Keith Moran, Donta Chatman, 21, of Hinesville, was arrested by the Long County Sheriff’s Department on Friday after allegedly breaking into a woman’s home in the Freedom Estate subdivision in Long County. The woman reportedly arrived home and Chatman approached her car and motioned for her to roll her window down. The woman phoned 9-1-1, prompting the chase.
Moran said the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department worked in conjunction with the Hinesville Police, Richmond Hill Police, Bryan County Sheriff’s Department, Long County Sheriff’s Department and Ludowici Police to tie Chatman to several daytime burglaries across the region.
“With the arrest of Chatman, we were able to clear 37 daytime burglaries, 15 of which were in Liberty County,” Moran said. “We have reason to believe the suspect was selling the stolen items on the streets.”
Hinesville Det. Maj. Thomas Cribbs said Chatman faces 10 burglary charges in the city and more are likely.
Chatman also faces charges in Long County stemming from the alleged burglary and chase.
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