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Be prepared for winter weather
Larry Logan EMA
Larry Logan, deputy director of the LCEMA, talks with people about emergency preparedness at a Night Out a couple years ago. - photo by File photo

With colder temperatures starting to become the norm as fall yields to winter, the Liberty County Emergency Management Agency and the Georgia Emergency Management Agency/Homeland Security’s Ready Georgia campaign urge Liberty County residents to take time to get ready for weather emergencies this winter.

To that end, Winter Weather Preparedness Week takes place this week in Georgia.

“The most important thing about Winter Weather Preparedness Week is that if a person is not prepared then it’s most likely that something will happen. We don’t wish or hope that anything bad happens,” said Larry Logan, deputy director of the LCEMA.

Logan encouraged residents to get necessary cold-weather items, such as an ice scraper and sand for tire traction.

“I want people to know that besides preparing for themselves, looking out for somebody else is so important — it’s key — like the elderly and children,” he said. “They are the most vulnerable to winter weather because of staying in homes where there’s no heat. The elderly succumb to the cold faster — and the children as well — from being left home alone too long and not knowing the dangers of touching cold metal with their hands. Also, if you know people that are homeless, we have the Homeless Prevention Program that will help.”

Winter storms are “deceptive killers” because most deaths are indirectly related to storms, according to the National Weather Service. Instead, people die from traffic accidents on icy roads and hypothermia from prolonged exposure to cold.

The daily observances of Winter Weather Preparedness Week are:

• Monday — About Winter Weather in Georgia

• Tuesday — Winter Weather Terminology

• Wednesday — How to Prepare for a Winter Storm

• Thursday — What to Do During a Winter Storm (driving tips, safety tips if you get caught outside, etc.)

• Friday — Winter Weather Outlook.

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