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Business owner charged for slapping burglary suspect
Tim Works - photo by Photo provided.
Long County businessman Tim Works recently was charged with aggravated battery after he allegedly slapped a man who he said stole from him.
Long County Sheriff Office Deputy Shane Middleton said he responded to a reported burglary call July 5 at an apartment on Rye Patch Road. A witness who lives in the apartment complex where the incident occurred said he had been sleeping but woke up when he heard a commotion in a nearby apartment, which Works owns.
The witness said he went to investigate the noise and saw a man driving off with two air conditioning units in the back of a vehicle.
Middleton said that Works, who lives adjacent to the apartments, also said he heard a noise and went to check it out. As Works approached the building, he said he saw a man drive off at a high rate of speed. Works said he got into his own vehicle and followed the man.
Works told the deputy that he followed the man and called 911 to report the air conditioners stolen. Middleton said Works tailed Rowe for awhile but had to turn around because his vehicle was nearly out of gas. He returned to the apartment and waited for Middleton to arrive.
Works told the deputy he recently had hired William Edwin Rowe to help him remove two air conditioning units. He believed Rowe was the same person who stole the units.
Middleton said Deputies Julius Bargeron and Robert Poppell went to LCSO’s Sand Hill sub-station, which is near Rowe’s home.
Rowe was seen about an hour later driving in this area. Deputies tried to pull him over, but he would not stop until he arrived at his home on Ocie Watson Loop. Middleton said deputies found two AC units in the back of Rowe’s truck that matched the description of the units Works reported stolen.
Middleton said he arrested Rowe and put him in the back of his patrol car. The deputy called Works and asked him and the witness to drive to Rowe’s home to identify the air conditioners and confirm the suspect was Rowe.
Works and the witness arrived, and the witness confirmed Rowe was the man he had seen running from Works’ apartment.
Works verified that the AC units were his property. The deputy asked Works if the suspect in the patrol car was Rowe, but Works said he couldn’t see the man in the car. Middleton opened the cruiser’s rear door to give Works a better look at the man. Works confirmed Rowe was the man he had seen driving away from the apartment.
The deputy said Works then slapped Rowe in the face, so Middleton positioned himself between the men. He arrested Works for striking the suspect and told him that because Rowe had been handcuffed and inside a patrol car, Works would face a felony charge.
Middleton said he and the other deputies took Works and Rowe to the Long County Sheriff’s Office where Works was charged with aggravated battery and Rowe was charged with burglary by forcing entry into a residence. Both charges are felonies.

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