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Don't stop on RR tracks in Ludowici
Ludowici Police reports
ludowici welcome sign

Ludowici police Chief Robert Poppell asks drivers stuck in traffic at the intersection of Highway 57 and McDonald Street not to stop on the CSX railroad tracks.

He added that soon, there will be consequences for stopping on the tracks.

“If you must stop because of traffic issues, be sure to stop behind the white line as you approach the tracks,” Poppell said. “I will be asking the Ludowici City Council for signs stating to not stop on railroad tracks at the April 2016 meeting. After the signs are erected, anyone caught stopping on the railroad tracks will be charged accordingly.”
Sign thefts

Ludowici police have reported a second theft of campaign signs during the election season.

In the latest instance, Poppell said, the sign was taken from a private yard.

“Be advised that if you are caught stealing a campaign sign from private property, you will be charged with theft by taking ($1,000 fine) and criminal trespass on private property ($1,000 fine),” the chief said. “There will be no exceptions — no matter who you are, where you work or whose sign you are caught tampering with or stealing. You have been warned.”

Poppell said that during March 17-23, police cited motorists for speeding, suspended registration, expired registration, no insurance, parking irrespective of a parking sign, loud music, seat-belt violation and DUI.

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