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Escaped jail trusty caught
MR Inmate
David Bennett - photo by Long County Sheriff's photo

A fugitive from the Georgia Department of Corrections was apprehended without incident around 10:40 p.m. Thursday.
David Bennett was last seen in custody on duty as a jail trusty on Sunday, when it is reported that he simply walked away from his work detail at the Ludowici Police Department around 6 p.m. Bennett was finishing his sentence, reportedly for theft and drug charges, at the Long County Pre-Release center where he was scheduled for release in May of 2008.
Last week, Ludowici police investigator Richard Robertson said Bennett was assigned cleaning duties by the Georgia Department of Corrections and had been working around the Ludowici Police Department for the last five to six months. As a trusty, Bennett was not required to be under constant supervision.
Authorities have not released all the information surrounding his apprehension but did report that he was caught at Mulligan's Bar and Grill in Brunswick.
Paul Czachowsky, manager of public affairs for the Georgia Department of Corrections, said the Georgia Department of Correction's Fugitive Squad handled the apprehension without incident and Bennett is currently being held at the Georgia State Prison in Reidsville. Information how they knew where to find him or why he decided to walk away with only five months left on his sentence were not made public yet.
Czachowsky said Bennett has been charged with felony escape and is scheduled for a preliminary hearing soon.

Earlier story

By Mike Riddle

Courier Correspondent 

Law enforcement authorities are continuing to seek a jail trusty who escaped from custody Dec. 2 in Long County.
According to Mallie McCord of the Georgia Department of Correction Public Affairs Office, inmate David Bennett walked off his detail at the Ludowici Police Department at about 6 p.m.
Bennett was reportedly serving a two-year sentence for theft and drug charges. He was scheduled to be released from the Long County Pre-release Center next May.
Ludowici police investigator Richard Robertson said the Bennett had been assigned to working at the department for around five or six months, and had been regularly assigned duties, such as cleaning the inside and outside of the facilities and washing vehicles. 
Asked if inmate-trustys assigned to such details are required to be supervised, Robertson said, general — not direct — supervision is required.
He also said the Department of Corrections makes calls to the departments, to ensure the prisoners are still at their assigned locations.
“We check on them periodically, but as trusties they are not under constant supervision, and they are allowed to walk around the building and such to do their work,” Robertson said.
When asked if Bennett posed any danger to the public, Robertson said, “Not that I am aware off, but that question really needs to be answered by the Department of Corrections.”
Robertson also said it has been reported Bennett was a LPD escapee, but that was inaccurate. He’s actually a Department of Corrections escapee.

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