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Ex trying to exact revenge with alleged nude photos
Hinesville PD blotter for June 6

Recent reports filed by Hinesville Police Department officers include:

June 2

Criminal trespass — An officer reported that when he locked up Irene Thomas Park he noticed a car parked there, tried to find the owner but couldn’t. Later when he checked on the vehicle, it was gone, the chain across the park entrance had been cut and locked to a fence. After several convoluted interviews with the vehicle’s owner and a nearby resident with whom the officer had talked earlier, the officer learned they had been having an affair and had cut the padlock of the chain to get the car out. They helped the officer straighten out the situation, cutting the chain free from the fence and relocking the chain across the entrance.

June 1

Harassing communications — Three women complained that a homeless man was harassing them. They told the responding officer that they run an organization that tries to help homeless people. One client who had received services for several months had recently started verbally assaulting them with sexual suggestions, as well as aggressive erratic behavior. The phone and in-person communications included threats to harm the women and their families if they did not have sex with him. The officer explained warrant procedures to the women, who promised to help police find the man.

Fraud — A veteran flagged down an officer to report her suspicions that her ex-husband had altered her VA account. She said she started checking with the VA when her $2,900 disability check was not deposited into her account as usual. Upon checking, she was told her bank account information had been changed and the money sent to a different account. She said no one was able to tell her how her information had been changed. She described her husband as a "veterans service officer," but did not say with what organization. She said he would have had access to her Social Security number while they were married. She said they had divorced in March.

May 31

Pointing a gun at another — A woman said she was at a convenience store scratching lottery tickets about 1 a.m. when she got into a dispute with a man she vaguely knew who she believed had once been a bouncer at a nightclub. She won some money and he was pestering her about it, asking her for a ticket. She gave him one, but soon changed her mind and asked for it back. But as she walked toward his car, he pulled a gun, pointed at it at her and said he would shoot her if she did not back down. He left the area before police arrived.

Robbery by intimidation, aggravated assault with gun — After a fight in progress was reported, a man said he had gone to a convenience store on Memorial Drive to cash a winning lottery ticket with a friend. As they were leaving, a man walked around a corner of the store, confronted them and demanded all their money. The victim said the robber had not pulled a gun, but one was visible under his shirt. The victim pulled the money out of his pockets and the robber grabbed it, but was not satisfied. He grabbed the victim by the throat, threw him down and started to wrestle. Another man came from beside the store and started punching the victim. And a third man came out, pulled a gun on the victim’s friend and told him not to interfere. The fight ended, and the robber and assailants jumped into nearby car. One got back out, brandished a gun and told the victims not to report the crime. Other officers, including detectives, arrived. With descriptions of the suspects and their vehicle, the reporting officer was sent to a Parkland Boulevard address, where three suspects had been taken into custody. They were arrested and taken to jail.

May 30

Simple battery — One of the numerous domestic disturbances officers were called to in recent days involved a brother and sister who live with their parents on Caroline Street. She said he had been "smacking" his food and she asked him to eat quietly. The resulting back-and-forth turned physical when he flipped her out of a chair and "put his forearm on the side of her neck and held her down." He said they were yelling at each other when she got up and rushed him. He said he held her down with his hands on her shoulders until she calmed down. A 10-year-old was present during the altercation. Both left the residence to be with friends for a time.

May 27

Attempted fraud — A Honey Creek resident told an officer he had received a call from someone claiming to be with the Internal Revenue Service. The caller claimed the resident owed back taxes. The resident hung up.

Theft of money — A Wal-Mart manager called police after a $4,400 mistake was discovered. Three weeks earlier a customer asked for three $1,000 money orders and one for $469. Somehow the clerk charged only $72 to the customer’s bank card. A week later, the store realized the error and called the customer, who came in and asked to set up a payment plan since he did not have the money. After that, the customer has not answered his phone, so police were called to file a report.

Improper parking — Just before 8 p.m., during the Bradwell Institute graduation, police received a report of an Toyota Scion parked on the wrong side of the road, with its rear in the road, blocking traffic near the intersection of Harrison and Sherwood streets. That is about a block from where the graduation was going on. Officers tried to call the registered owner, but got no answer. So they had the car towed.

May 26

Shoplifting — Two women attempted to get away with more than $1,175 worth of items from the Hinesville Kroger. Employees told the responding officer that another customer told them the women were at a self-checkout register, putting items into bags without scanning them. The employees watched as the women finished up and left the store. Outside, after being stopped by employees the women could not produce a receipt and were asked to go back in and wait for police. They were arrested.

Assist citizen, DFCS referral, adult protective services — An Edgewood Court man said his son had taken all of his medicine and dumped it into one bag, as well as doing something with his insulin. After a couple of hours, he said, he asked for medicine and his daughter-in-law retrieved it from a storage refrigerator where they kept dog supplies. He later talked to his doctor, who advised him to bring it all to him and he would replace it. The father also said his son was trying to have him evicted, and that since he has lived with his son he has given him $5,300 to deposit into an account. His son gave him a bank card, but it turned out to be no good. He said he also cashed a check for nearly $2,000 and gave his son $1,200. The case was forwarded to DFCS’s adult protective services.

Assist citizen — A teacher reported to officers that an ex-boyfriend had taken three photos of a nude woman to the human resources department of the school board, claiming they were of the teacher and that she had posted them on various websites. The officer said the photos did not appear to be of the teacher. The teacher said she suspects the ex had also put copies of the photos in the mailbox of her current residence. That incident was also reported to other authorities. She said she and the man had broken up about 18 months ago and that they had no contact since then, though she suspects he has tried to cause problems for her, including jeopardizing her job.

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