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Firefighters still battling Terrell Mill Pond fire
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The Georgia Forestry Commission and Hinesville Fire Department firefighters continuously are working to contain the Terrell Mill Pond fire that reignited this weekend. The fire started from a lightning strike June 28. Most of the area was in the smoldering stage before recent winds and dead debris intensified the fire Aug. 27.

Fire officials said the recent flare-up at Terrell Mill Pond is due to trees falling down because there are no root systems to hold them up anymore. When they fall, the trees are crossing the firebreaks previously put in place by Georgia Forestry, thereby providing an avenue for fire to cross.

“Due to the location of the fire and the ground in the area, access is limited,” Hinesville Fire Department Capt. Kris Johanson said. “Equipment is getting stuck while trying to get to areas.”

Fires spotted by residents have been inside the firebreaks that were put in place by the Georgia Forestry Commission. Forestry firefighters continue to monitor the progress and maintain the firebreaks. The Hinesville Fire Department has crews on Highway 196 West and behind Taylors Creek Elementary to keep the vegetation wet. Hinesville currently is pumping reclaimed water in to the area from Airport Road in an attempt to extinguish the fire. 

“Unfortunately, the only way the fire is going to get put out is with the help of rain of significant amount,” Johanson explained. “Again, we regret the amount of smoke that is in the area as a result of this incident.”

To decrease the impact of the smoke in houses and businesses, residents are encouraged to keep windows and doors closed as much as possible. Residents with medical conditions who would be affected by the smoke should try to limit time spent outside. 

For more information, go to or call 876-4143.

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