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Four LCSO officers promoted
Liberty County Sheriff Steve Sikes promoted four officers June 21. From left: Lawrence Troha, Harry Wayman Chapman, Fernando George and Charles Brady. - photo by Patty Leon

Four Liberty County Sheriff’s Office officers received promotions June 21 at the Justice Center.

Sgt. Charles Brady was promoted to lieutenant and appointed as the chief of security for the Justice Center, courthouse and the annex.

“It’s a lot of responsibility, and I have a bunch of good men to work with,” said Brady, who has been on the force for nine years.

Fernando George, who has worked for the LCSO for almost two years, was promoted to sergeant. He had been promoted to advance deputy in February.

“The sheriff is a highly motivated individual, and in turn it makes you want to do a good job for him and for Liberty County Sheriff’s Department,” George said. “I’m just thankful that he had the confidence in me to promote me to sergeant.”

Lawrence Troha, a seven-year veteran of the force, was promoted to advance deputy.

“I feel like I’ve done a good job and they’ve accepted it and I plan to continue,” he said.

Harry Wayman Chapman, a six-year veteran, also was promoted to advance deputy.

“It means a lot and it gives me something more to strive for,” he said. “Something that shows I can continue to get better and stronger for the department.”

Sikes said the promotions are the results of spending time with his deputies and their accomplishments.

“I’m proud to promote each and every one of them,” Sikes said. “They have all done excellent jobs. I don’t promote because of longevity, I promote because of ability and the characteristics I see in them and that is what I based these promotions on.”

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