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Health department inspects restaurants
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These restaurants should have been included in the October to December 2006 inspection period.
Burger king GS-94,
Orient Express-78,
Over Coffee- Initial,
Subway I (Big Lots)- 100,
Subway II- 99,
Subway III-100,
Subway IV- 100
Food service establishments are inspected four times a year in Liberty County. The purpose of inspections is to determine compliance with the Rules of Department of Human Resources Public Health, Chapter 290-5-14 Food Service. The scores are from inspections performed by environmentalist of Liberty County Environmental Health Department. The county manager of the Environmental Health Department is Linus R. Woodard.
Scores range from
0 minimum to 100 maximum.  
Grade A: 90-100
Food safety excellence; no critical categories are violated and no more than five non-critical categories violated.
Grade B: 80-89
Satisfactory compliance; no more than two critical categories are violated and corrected immediately and/or six to nine non-critical categories are violated, including no more than one reoccurring critical violation and four reoccurring non-critical violations from the last previous routine inspection.
Grade C: 70-79
Marginal compliance; an establishment that is previously graded as “U” will be given “C” upon a follow-up inspection when all critical violations have been corrected and there are no new critical violations. Also, there will be no more than two uncorrected non-critical violations and no more than seven new non-critical violations.
Grade U: 0-69
Unsatisfactory compliance. Three or more critical categories and/or 10 or more non-critical categories are violated.  A “U” will be received also if there are two or more reoccurring critical violations and/or five or more reoccurring non-critical violations from the last previous routine inspection.  This grade is also given if one or more critical violations cannot be corrected immediately.
Category I: Violations deemed to create imminent threat to the public health and an imminent health hazard to the consumer.  
Category II: Violations deemed to be critical operational and maintenance violations, which, if not corrected, increases the potential for causing foodborne illness.
Category III: Requirements are general requirements that establishments must meet to maintain an environment conducive to good food management and to meet expectations of the consumer. The most current inspection report must be posted in public view.
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