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Hinesville PD blotter for Aug. 18
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Aug. 9, • Simple battery (FVA), Olmstead Drive
Hinesville police arrived to the scene of a disturbance at an entrance to Fort Stewart, according to a police report. The officer reported there were five military police units and two gate guards on scene. A witness told police he saw a woman walking toward the gate with a child in her arms and a man following behind in a car, according to the report.
The witness told police the man got out of the car and began to argue with the woman. The man would not allow the woman to continue walking toward the gate, according to the report. The witness told police the man grabbed the child and began walking toward the car. After military and civilian law enforcement arrived, it was determined the man — a soldier who had just returned from Iraq — should take the matter up with his chain-of-command, according to the report. The woman was referred to social services.

• Simple assault, Easy Street
A Hinesville man told police he was visiting a woman when her ex-husband arrived and said he wanted to see their son. The woman told her ex-husband he was not welcome and the man advised the same, according to the police report.
The man and the ex-husband began to argue and the ex-husband then went to his car and brought back a handgun, the man told police. The ex-husband pointed the gun in the general area where the man and woman were standing and struck the man’s car, denting it, according to the report. The ex-husband laughed and left the area, the man told police.

Aug. 10
• Simple battery, Pleasant Street

A Pleasant Street woman told police a man and son were arguing inside the home and she did not want to hear them fight, so she got up to leave. As she was leaving, the man grabbed her by the throat and held her against the wall, according to the police report. The son then grabbed his father and pulled him off the woman, she told police. The man hit his son in the chest with a closed fist and the woman tried to break up the fight, according to the report. The man grabbed the woman around the waist and they fell into a wall, where the man cut his right ear. The man and his son continued to fight until the son knocked his father to the ground, the woman told police. She and the son then fled the area and called police.
The son is deaf and mute and could only communicate by sign language, according to the report. The woman translated his statement, police reported. The argument stemmed from a workplace disagreement over building supplies, according to the report.

• Terroristic threats and acts, simple assault, West Gen. Screven Way
A West Gen. Screven Way woman told police a wife accused her of “messing around” with her husband. The woman said the wife called and texted her and later showed up at her home, according to the police report. The woman told police the wife texted her to come outside and talk. As the woman opened her door she saw the wife holding a baseball bat in her right hand and a black semi-automatic pistol stuck in her waistband, according to the report.
The woman told police the wife said, “We gonna fix this (expletive) right now.” The woman replied, “You crazy (expletive), you brought a bat and a gun to come after me, you want me to come out there and talk? Are you (expletive) crazy? Nobody wants your weak (expletive) man.”
The wife then pulled the pistol from her waistband and held it at chest level, pointing it to her right, according to the report. The woman told the wife she was calling police. Before leaving the area the wife replied, “You gonna call the police on me? This (expletive) ain’t over.”

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