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Hinesville PD blotter for Dec. 30
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Dec. 14: Suspicious person — Scared by the sudden appearance of a man wearing a dark ski mask and trench coat outside her Barony Court home, a woman called her father, who quickly dispatched a 911 call. The woman said the man parked his car outside her home, walked at a fast pace to the front door and rang the doorbell. The man waited for 15 minutes before driving away. Police spoke with a neighbor who said he saw a man in a late-model Mazda park in front of the woman’s house. The neighbor said it was a white male with black hair. Police again spoke with the complainant. She said her boyfriend drives a Mazda, but she didn’t think his car was running due to mechanical issues.

Dec. 15
Simple battery — A fight between husband and wife became physical, causing the wife to seek shelter at her friend’s house. She said she suspects her husband is cheating on her because he keeps his cellphone locked. When confronted about it, she said he called her useless and ugly. She became angry and grabbed him by the throat. He pushed her away and grabbed her by the biceps, causing bruises on both arms. The woman said her husband was going to start counseling for mental issues he developed while serving in Afghanistan.

Dec. 16    
Suspicious acts — A woman said she was wary of a former friend and wanted to obtain a restraining order against her. The complainant claimed the woman had been posting negative information about her on Facebook and recently sat down and had lunch with her daughter at Lyman Hall Elementary. She said the woman told her daughter that she was a terrible mother.
She told officers she since has removed the woman from the school’s permission list.

Leash-law violation/vicious animal — Two dog owners were cited for violating leash laws when their respective dogs were found out running loose in the streets. One of the owners also was charged with vicious-animal violation when her terrier charged a man walking down the street.

Verbal dispute/DFACS referral — A woman complained that her parents had her EBT and medical cards that belonged to her and her children and refused to return them to her.  The parents told police they were concerned about the welfare of their grandchildren because their daughter abused spice and had kept drugs in the house before. The parents allowed police to observe the woman’s room, which police found to be unsanitary and unfit for young children. The police referred the case to the Department of Family and Children Services.

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