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Hinesville PD blotter for Dec. 4
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Nov. 5: Auto theft — A South Main Street woman told police she last saw her vehicle this past March in the care of her estranged husband. When she contacted him to retrieve the vehicle, he told her he left it in an apartment-complex parking lot before he moved to Maryland. When she went to get the vehicle, she could not find it. Detectives discovered the vehicle had been sold and then crushed.

Strong-arm robbery — A Wooddale Drive man with his arm in a sling told police he was jumped by three men as he walked by some bleachers next to a football field. The men forced him to the ground, and one of the alleged attackers put his knee to the back of the man’s neck and held his arms. The other two alleged attackers took the man’s shoes, wallet and cellphone. The man told police his alleged assailants kicked him an unknown number of times. When the alleged robbers walked away from the man and toward some apartments, he stood up. The man said his alleged attackers then walked back toward him. The man told police he heard gunshots and felt something impact his arm. He fell to the ground and crawled behind the bleachers until the alleged attackers left.

Nov. 6
Interference with custody — An Allenhurst man told police the grandmother of his 19-month old niece apparently took the child without permission. The man said he has temporary legal guardianship of the child, while his sister — the toddler’s mother — is incarcerated. The man said the child was with a sitter while he was at work. The sitter took the child to a store to buy diapers on the way to the hospital, where the toddler could be seen for a suspected ear infection. The sitter ran into the child’s grandmother at the store, and the grandmother said she would take the child to the hospital and left the area with the toddler, the man told police. When the sitter went to the hospital, the grandmother and the child were not there, the man said.

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