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Hinesville PD blotter for Feb. 14
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Jan. 22: Cruelty to animals — A 28-year old Hinesville man was charged with cruelty to animals after HPD officers and an animal-control officer responded to an anonymous call that a dog had been abandoned inside a house. After getting access to the house through the real-estate manager, the emaciated dog was taken for medical care and contact was made with the owner, who admitted he had left the dog inside the house three weeks earlier.

Jan. 28
Shoplifting — Walmart security stopped a woman who reportedly stole $217 worth of merchandise, which included two cases of beer.
The security guard said the store’s video cameras captured the entire incident.

Possession of alcohol by a minor/verbal dispute/found contraband — A sister called the cops on her brother because she was upset he was allegedly smoking marijuana in her Lewis Frasier Road home around her young son. By the time police showed up, he already had allegedly smoked his stash.
The brother showed the cops his glass pipe and told them he wasn’t doing anything at the moment, just drinking some booze, while he waited for a ride. The boy was under 21.

Assist citizen —A man, who had been placed under a mental evaluation a week prior for making wild threats at Winn Army Community Hospital, appeared back in the hospital’s lobby after being released from treatment.
When the man first was taken away, he threatened to return and cause harm to the hospital and staff.
One week later, Fort Stewart military police issued an alert to hospital personnel, saying the man had been released from treatment but, while walking away, once again made threats about harming doctors and suicide by law enforcement.
Police were notified that the man had returned, but when they arrived the man said he was just there to check the status of his medical case. The man was told the case was transferred to a facility off post because he is banned from Fort Stewart. While speaking to police, he appeared mentally and physically stable.

Jan. 29
Criminal trespass — Someone tried to kick in the back door to a woman’s home on Cassidy Lane in Hinesville, but the resident said they were not able to enter the home. The door sustained sufficient damage and will need to be replaced.

Possession of marijuana/DUI/tag light required — A busted tag light compelled police to pull over a woman driving a Chevy down Highway 84, but it was the strong scent of perfume that alerted the cops the female driver was attempting to cover up a specific odor in her car and on her person. While the strong perfume might have thrown off the cops it couldn’t hide the suspected narcotics from being sniffed out by a drug dog. It also couldn’t hide the strong odor of alcohol emanating from her breath when she was speaking with the officers. Suspected marijuana later was found in her car and she blew a .112 and  a .119 during breath tests.

Suspicious acts —An upset baby daddy is suspected of being responsible for the loud banging and damaged door frame at his former girlfriend’s home on Veterans Parkway. The woman said it wouldn’t be the first time the father of her youngest son has come by to harass her. She filed four previous reports on him, and he has been banned from the apartment complex. Yet he still comes by to damage the door and, at one point, broke a window.

Feb. 3
Simple battery — A Shaw Road woman and her boyfriend, a Grandview Drive man, gave police differing accounts of an incident that allegedly took place at the man’s home during a Super Bowl party.
The woman told police she brought a friend to her boyfriend’s party, and he became upset because her friend was being too loud. He asked her to take the other woman home, which she says she did, but that she later returned to pick up her dog.
The woman said her boyfriend was still angry, and that after he placed the dog kennel into the back of her car he threw the dog into the back seat. She told police he then grabbed her head and slammed it into the steering wheel a number of times. Police reported they did not see any visible signs of injury.
The boyfriend told police he had made no physical contact with his girlfriend. He said he asked her to take her friend home because she had not been invited to the party. He added that his girlfriend had been drinking and was causing a disturbance. The man said he helped his girlfriend dismantle the kennel before placing it into the car. He did admit to “shoving” the dog into the backseat.

Possession firearm by convicted felon/possession firearm during certain crimes/possession marijuana with intent to distribute —An Allenhurst man was arrested after officers searched him and his vehicle and found a total of nine bags of marijuana and a loaded semi-automatic pistol in the vehicle glove box.
The reporting officer first checked on the vehicle because the engine was running, the lights were on and it was parked facing the front end of another vehicle, causing him to suspect  a property crime might be in progress.
When the officer approached the vehicle, he saw a marijuana cigar inside the car positioned between the man and his female companion. The officer also smelled marijuana on the man’s person.

Simple battery/hindering 911 call — A Barclay Lane woman told police she got into a fistfight with a Fort Stewart woman when she allegedly caught the woman engaged in a sexual act with her husband in a vehicle outside of her home.
The wife said she and the woman began to fight. The wife then broke away, went into the house to wake up her male roommate and inform him of the incident outside, she said. When the wife went back outside, the two women began to fight again.
The wife said during the fight she announced she was going to call 911 on her cellphone. The other woman grabbed the phone from her and threw it, the wife told police. The husband and roommate finally managed to break up the fight, the wife said.
The woman’s husband told police he was talking outside with the Fort Stewart woman when his wife came outside and started calling the other woman names. The husband said he was standing between the two women when they began hitting each other around him.
Police said a damaged cellphone was found in the road and that the wife had fresh scratches on her left wrist and chest.
The wife also had stitches in her left foot from a recent surgery and could hardly walk. She asked to be taken to a hospital.

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