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Hinesville PD blotter for Jan. 13
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Dec. 18: Simple battery — A woman police described as frantic said she was having a verbal dispute with husband at their Stewart Drive residence when things became physical. The woman said she confronted her husband about photos and emails she found that were about another woman. She admitted to police she slapped her husband in the face and told him to leave if he was going to cheat on her. She said he became angry and started to choke her.
The husband, who was visibly drunk, said he was packing his stuff when she started to slap him on the back of his head, not face, and denied he choked her. Police said there were no marks on the woman’s neck. During the investigation, it was discovered that she had a history of depression, was diagnosed as bipolar and had been hospitalized for a suicide attempt. Police did not press charges and referred the matter to medical professionals.
Theft by shoplifting/simple battery — The owner of Party Package liquor store told police she attempted to stop two females she suspected had shoplifted alcohol from her store. She said one of the females attempted to distract her while the other took a bottle off a shelf and attempted to hide it under her jacket. The owner said the women attempted to leave the store, but she locked the door to confront them about what she saw them do. The store owner said she temporarily unlocked the door to let other customers out when the woman took the bottle out of her jacket, placed it back on the shelf and pushed her way out of the store with her friend. The two women then jumped into a VW Beetle bearing an Illinois tag. Police tracked down the car owner’s address, where the suspect’s mother said her daughter no longer lives at the house and is the one driving the car. Police still are trying to track down the two females.

Dec. 19
Prowler/arrest for other agency — A Willow Brook Drive family reportedly suffered a scare when they looked out their patio door and saw a silhouette of a person. The home owner grabbed her two sons and told them to be quiet, but when she saw the shadow approach the door and observed the door handle trying to turn, the woman screamed. It was enough to deter the prowler, who fled.
Police arrived, searched the patio area and found what they described as two sets of foot prints with one set appearing to have been made by wet stocking feet. The other footprints were beginning to dry, making it hard for police to distinguish whether they were made by shoes or bare feet.
Burglary/forced entry —A homeowner returned from work and found someone had kicked in the front door of his Deerwood Drive home. He entered his house and found several items missing and noticed the back door was forced open as well.
Among the items stolen were a flat-screen TV, a Smith & Wesson AR-15 rifle, a laptop computer and an Xbox 360 with games.

Dec. 20
Terroristic threats/Family Violence Act — Two Bacon Road women told police they were afraid of a man who is the son of one of the women and the boyfriend of the other. They said he was sending them threatening text messages. The man earlier had retrieved his belongings and left their home without incident. The officer quoted several of the man’s texts in a police report:  “I’m gonna save you for last we bout to make the news I promise,” “I’ll be back to cash out I promise,” and, “I’m not trying to say threats but I got nothing else your ignoring me and making me feel very bad.” The officer advised the women to save the messages and explained protective order procedures.

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