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Hinesville PD blotter for Jan. 6
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Dec. 17: Theft by taking, bicycle — Someone was seen riding a blue bicycle down East Court Street that reportedly was taken from the New and Not Store on South Main Street. An employee of the store told the manage she saw a man riding the stolen bicycle but police were not able to locate the man or bike. The store manage said they were closing up for the night and started to put away the inventory they kept on the sidewalk in front of the store. She said while she was putting a few things inside, a man swiped the bicycle and rode off. She said the bike was worth $59.

Interference with custody — A man drove to Waldo Pafford Elementary to pick up his niece and realized his daughter had not yet been picked up by her mother. The man signed both girls out of school and left. When the young girls’ mother arrived to pick her up from school, she was told her daughter had already left. The woman called the man to meet up with her and he allegedly refused. She spotted his car at Taco Bell and pulled into the parking lot to retrieve her daughter but the man locked the child in the car and later drove off. She followed the man to his house, where he finally let the lady have her daughter after she called police. Police questioned the man, who said he has not legitimized the child and did not have paternal rights. Police told the man he was not allowed to take the child if he didn’t have parental rights.

Theft of lost/mislaid property — A woman went to the police department to report her wallet missing. She said she had it with her at the McDonald’s on E.G. Miles Parkway. She said she placed the wallet on a table but became distracted when she opened the door for a man. She drove home and realized she left the wallet at McDonald’s. She went back to the establishment but her wallet was gone and no one had turned it in.

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