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Hinesville PD blotter for March 19
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Feb. 20: Carrying a weapon on school property — A 20-year special needs student was spotted by school officials at Bradwell Institute carrying a brown paper bag that appeared to be alcohol. He was stopped by officers and asked if the bag contained alcohol. He said it did not. He then lifted his shirt and said, “But I am carrying one of these.” It was a large folding knife. He said he carried it when he walked to school because he didn’t feel safe. He turned over the knife and was arrested for carrying a weapon on school property.

Feb. 21
Burglary first Degree; Assist another agency — Officers responded to a call at Sounders Road about a break-in. The victim told the officers when he and his girlfriend left, they locked the doors and windows. When they returned, the front door was open. His Playstation 3, two controllers and three games were missing. Before leaving, the officers did a background check on the victim and found he was wanted on a warrant by the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office for burglary. He was arrested and held for Wayne County officials.

Feb. 28
Burglary — forced entry, first degree — Officers responded to a call about a break-in on Crossgate Court. The woman and her teenage daughter said the home was secured when they left. When they came home, they found the back door  had been kicked open. Items taken included $300 headphones, an $850 flat-screen TV, two iPads worth $600, two laptops worth $500, $4,000 in jewelry, $400 in cash and a $550 watch.

March 5
 Lost property — An officer reported his HPD wireless computer-access card was missing from the computer in his vehicle. He assumed it had fallen out when he moved his jacket and vest, which had been near the computer. During the next several days the officer again searched his vehicle for the missing card but could not locate it. He notified his superiors of the lost item.

March 7
Theft by shoplifting (felony) — An East Kenny Drive man was arrested for attempting to take a large television and other items from an Oglethorpe Highway store. Store employees told police the man was seen pushing a shopping cart filled with unbagged merchandise, including the $428 TV, toward the garden area. The man then was observed in the grocery section, trying to remove a product security device from the TV box. Store employees told police the man then went to the hardware section and picked up a pair of metal snips to remove the device. He was seen trying to leave the store, bypassing checkouts.

Fraud/counterfeit money — A South Main Street woman told police when she attempted to pay for items at a local store’s self-checkout her $10 bill was rejected. The woman said she went to customer service to find out why her money was not accepted and was told it was a counterfeit bill. She told police she did not know where the bill came from. The HPD officer reported when he held the bill to a light he noticed it did not have a security strip and that the texture of the bill did not feel authentic.

March 8
Dog bite — A California man told police he was bitten by a friend’s dog. The man was visiting the home and was playing with the dog when it bit. He told police he did not want to file a report because the dog was not at fault. The man admitted he had bitten the dog first.

Possession of marijuana — A Desert Storm Drive man was arrested at a nightclub for possession of marijuana. An officer reported he saw a driver sitting in his parked vehicle, manipulating something under the dashboard. The officer said he walked over and asked if everything was OK. The driver replied he was trying to release the parking brake. The officer said he smelled marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. The driver and his passenger told the officer they did not have any marijuana and that the odor was likely because they’d been around others in the club who smelled of marijuana. Police searched the driver and the vehicle and found a small bag of marijuana on the floor between the driver and passenger’s seats. The driver denied knowing the marijuana was there. His passenger then admitted the marijuana was his and that his friend did not know it was there. The driver was allowed to leave.

Obstruction, arrest for other agency
A Midway man told police he was giving his friend, a Screven woman, a ride home because she was drunk but brought her to the police station instead because she had urinated on herself and he wanted her to clean it up. The woman’s pre-teen son was also in the car. When the officer attempted to get information from the woman she told him she had never had a license from any state. When police asked her where she was born she replied, “North Carolina…no, South Carolina…no, North Carolina.” The officer then asked if she had anything with her that had her name on it and the woman replied she left all that at home. The officer asked her to check her purse for ID and spotted an ID in her wallet. He asked whose ID it was and the woman replied it was her sister’s. The officer reported the photo on the ID matched the woman’s likeness. Police checked out the ID through a crime data system and found the woman was wanted for a probation violation in Statesboro. After being informed she was to be arrested, the woman permitted her friend to take her son home.

Criminal trespass
An elementary school employee reported finding a broken window on the main corridor of the school building. Officers and a police dog searched the campus but did not find any suspicious persons or weapons. Officers reported that the remaining glass of the window frame was leaning into the school and the hole in the window was too small for a child to climb through.

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