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Hinesville PD blotter for Oct. 30
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Sept. 26: Suicidal threats, mental subject — A woman called police to report her sister had threatened to kill herself. The woman said her sister was a diagnosed schizophrenic and had been off her medication for two days. The woman said when she went to check, her sister was angry, throwing things around and picked up a pair of scissors and threatened to do herself bodily harm. The woman took the scissors from her sister, gave her the prescribed medication and attempted to calm her down. She then took her sister to her house, called her sister’s doctor and was advised her sister needed to be taken to the hospital for evaluation.

Sept. 27
Burglary, forced entry,  residence —A woman told police someone had forced open the door to her home while she was away. She saw a tennis-shoe print on the bottom of the door and noticed two televisions and a tablet were missing. The woman told police several mattresses were moved and drawers were left open. The investigating officer found damage to the door and door frame, consistent with possibly having been kicked.

Shoplifting — A convenience store clerk told police two young men came into the store and put containers of beer in their pants and then left the store. The woman said she tried to stop them and the two men ran toward Bradwell Institute. The officer viewed the store’s surveillance tape and saw the men take four 24-ounce cans of Icehouse Beer worth about $5.

Theft by conversion, theft by taking — A woman told police she had stored some of her property with an ex-boyfriend. She said when she tried to retrieve her washer, dryer and vacuum cleaner he told her he had sold them. The woman said her ex-boyfriend refused to give back her bed and microwave because he was upset that she attended a picnic at their son’s school with her new boyfriend.
Assist citizen — a woman told police she was homeless. The officer completed homeless-prevention paper work for the woman and transported her to a local hotel for temporary lodging.

Sept. 28
Vicious dog, leash law violation  — An officer responded to a call that two dogs were fighting in a mobile-home park. A woman flagged down the officer and told him when she had opened the door to her home to let her dog out, a pit bull ran into the home and began fighting with her dog. Eventually the woman was able to pull the pit bull out of her home. She told the officer the attacking dog had a chain around its neck and gave police the owner’s name. The officer patrolled the area and when he saw the dog, he called animal control.
The officer then returned to the home to speak to the woman and her husband. The couple showed the officer their dog’s injuries. The dog had cuts on its lip near its nose and puncture wounds near its left ear.
The officer waited in the area until animal control arrived and picked up the pit bull.
Shoplifting — A Walmart loss-prevention employee told police a woman was being detained on suspicion of shoplifting. The officer spoke to the woman in the store’s security office. The woman allegedly stole a bag of split green peas valued at $1.48, a wrapped package of mini cucumbers valued at $2.98, a bag of green grapes valued at $3.80, a package of strawberries valued at $2.78, a bottle of curry powder valued at $4.98, a package of sliced bacon valued at $4.48, a package of 10 white socks valued at $8.47, and a bottle of skin lotion valued at $19.97, for a total value of $51.55. The Walmart employee told police he saw the woman place the items in her black leather handbag without paying for them.

Sept. 29
Sexual assault — Police went to a local hospital emergency room to speak with a woman who reported having been sexually assaulted nine days earlier. The woman told officers she went to a male friend’s room at a local hotel, watched TV and listened to music. The man then began “pulling on her,” the woman told police. The man then punched her in the face and forced her to have sex with him, she said. The woman told police she did not want to press charges. When the officer asked why she had waited to report the alleged assault, she said she was having pain and wanted to be seen by a doctor.

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