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Hinesville PD blotters for Dec. 13
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Nov. 30: Theft of lost or mislaid property — A woman filed a complaint with the police department about her wallet, which she said she lost at the movie theater. The woman said she’d removed money from her wallet while in the theater, and then slid it back into the side pocket of her bag. She later found the wallet was not in the side pocket. The woman’s daughter returned to the theater to look for the wallet, but could not find it. The woman was given a case number and briefed on further procedures.

Dec. 1
Entering auto — A Treetop Apartments resident called police and said her wallet had been taken from her vehicle. The woman’s husband had driven the vehicle to work that morning and later noticed the wallet was missing from the center console. He said the vehicle was not locked, nor had his wife locked it after she returned home the previous night. There was no sign of forced entry on the vehicle. The complainant said there was no money inside the wallet.

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