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Hinesville Police blotter Aug. 10

Recent reports filed by Hinesville Police officers include:

Criminal trespass — It was bound to happen sooner or later.

A Hinesville woman reported July 27 she and other church members spotted two teens in the Live Oak Church parking lot and the woman confronted them because of previous break ins. The woman said she got their names and phone numbers and asked the two teen boys what they were doing on church property.

“She stated they told her they were playing Pokemon Go,” the report said. “She stated that they then explained the game to her and explained that churches, banks and other sensitive areas are ‘Poke-Stops.’”

The woman said she told the boys she was concerned about recent break-ins and tried to invite the boys to church, but “she advised that conversation wasn’t as positive as she expected,” the report said. “She then told them that they don’t need to be on the property and she stated that they blew her off and pretty much made it aware that they weren’t leaving. (The woman) stated that the boys told her that since there wasn’t a ‘No Trespassing’ sign, they could be there.”

The boys were wrong, the officer said, but that wasn’t the end of it. The woman, who called police from her house, got home and started getting telephone calls from one of the boys’ fathers. She hung up on him and he called back “about half a dozen times…” and “left a heated voice mail message” according to the report, in which the man said “his children aren’t robbing places” and that “it’s just a game.”

While the officer was taking the report the father called the woman again and the officer answered and put the call on speaker phone. “I explained (to the father) that the church is private property and when someone is asked to leave, they need to leave or else it is considered criminal trespass and they will be prosecuted.”

The dad wanted to argue and “was extremely condescending. He felt that (the woman) telling his children that if the place was robbed she has their information was wrong of her,” the officer noted, “I did not entertain him any further and the conversation was terminated.”

The officer advised the woman he’d put the church on the house check list for extra patrol and to call if anyone else who shouldn’t be on the property trespassed. He also told her to call HPD if the boys’ father continues to call her.

Criminal trespass — A woman reported July 28 someone spray painted her mailbox on Lancaster Loop. The woman also told HPD nearby speed limit and “children at play” signs had been spray painted as well. An obscenity and the number 12 were spray painted on the speed limit sign. “L2RP Gang” was on the children at play sign and L2RP was on the woman’s mailbox. The reporting officer also found vandals had spray painted “L2RP Gang” on a man’s fence on Clairemore Circle and on a mailbox on Wayfair Lane. There was also something spray painted on a stop sign at the intersection of Clairemore and Wayfair Lane, but it was illegible.

The officer looked for other signs of vandalism but found none. He notified OMI.

Battery, criminal trespass — An officer was sent to Horseshoe Bend Mobile Home Park just after midnight July 28 regarding a fight between two men who live in the trailer park. One of the men said the other had been drinking, “and when (that man) gets drunk he always starts trouble and wants to fight,” the report said.

The first man said the other man came to his trailer “with a ‘club’ (a piece of tree branch), beating on his trailer and using vulgar language,” so the first man told the other to “stop acting a fool and go home.” Instead, the second man charged the first and somehow the second man hit his eye on the first man’s knee. Police looked around for the club but couldn’t find it. There was a large dent in the first man’s trailer and the second man told HPD the first man had come up and punched him in the eye “for an unknown reason.”

Both men were told how to get warrants and both said they weren’t pressing charges. About 30 minutes, EMS was sent to the second man’s trailer to take him to Liberty Regional.

Stolen dog — An officer was sent to a Welborn Street address on July 29­­ regarding a stolen Shih-Tzu named Oreo. The complainant said her husband let the dog out around 6:30 a.m. and then went back inside to put on his shoes, the report said. Ten minutes later, he went back outside and the dog was gone. It was described as a 1-year-old female weighing 20 pounds with a pink collar and white flea collar.

Both the complainant’s husband and the officer looked for Oreo but couldn’t find her. She was a gift, the couple said.

Simple battery, disorderly conduct — Police were sent to a Brett Drive apartment on July 29 regarding an ongoing domestic problem. There, he talked to the wife, who said her husband “was accusing (her) of cyber hacking and cheating on him with the creator of Firefox.”

Things got heated, but there were no signs of physical injuries on the woman, who was given instruction on how to get a copy of the report and a victim’s rights form.

Battery — Police were sent to a Pipkin Road address regarding a domestic dispute. There, they met a woman and said when she got to the address she found the man who lived there punching the woman who lived there.

The officer then talked to that woman, who said she and the man had been out drinking and when they got home she “confronted him about helping out around the house.” She said the man then hit her in the jaw, so she hit him back and they fought for a while until she stopped, but he kept hitting her.

The man told police a different story. He said they had been drinking and the woman attacked him, and he was just trying to keep her from hitting him.

Both folks were “highly intoxicated,” the report said, noting both firefighters and EMS were called to the scene. Video of the injuries were taken, and the woman left the residence with a friend while the man was taken to the hospital by his mother.

“(The man and woman) are only roommates. They have no children together and are not in a relationship.”
Both were given a case number and told how to get warrants.

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