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Hinesville Police blotter Dec. 7

From Hinesville Police Department reports:

Fight: An HPD officer was sent to an Oglethorpe Highway beauty salon around 4 p.m. Nov. 23 regarding a fight. “Dispatch advised the complainant was fighting with a pregnant female. Dispatch also advised EMS was enroute per the pregnant female’s request.”

Once he got there, he spoke to an employee at the beauty salon who told the officer “she was approached by a (customer) who asked about a hair product,” the report said. “When (the employee) told her opinions about the customer’s hair, the customer told (the employee) that she was being a racist and slapped the left side of (the employee’s) face. (The customer) then continued to hit (the employee) while holding on to (the employee’s) hair.”

It became a fight, and at some point the customer’s “male friend” stepped in and “placed his arm around (the employee’s) neck area to hold her back while the (customer) was continually hitting (the employee).”

The employee said she then hit the customer with her knee. The customer then let go of the employee’s hair, but told the employee “I am going to come back when you get off work and stab you.”

The employee gave the officer descriptions of the woman and her male friend but he couldn’t find anyone matching that description in the area. The employee was given a case number.

Fraud: A Hollywood Drive woman reported “someone had used her name to open a Department of Education loan.”

The woman reported the fraud Nov. 28. She said she was checking her credit report when she noticed the loans with her first name and a last name she doesn’t use, along with a Michigan address she told the officer she didn’t recognize.

“There are approximately 41 open loans totaling over $45,000,” the report said. “She stated she has not gone through the credit report and some of the loans might be hers.”

The woman also told the officer she went to college but not to Everest University or the University of Phoenix, which are listed on the credit report. She said she called the “Department of Education” and was told she needed to file a police report so they could open an investigation.

Criminal trespass: A Cherokee Circle woman told police Nov. 28 she got back from a Thanksgiving trip to Atlanta and “when she approached her door she noticed it was covered in dry mud.”

The woman “also stated that her sliding door on the side of her residence was covered in mud and four of her flood lights ($4.00 a piece) in the front yard were broken.”

While the officer was taking down the information a neighbor walked over and told the woman he saw a girl from a nearby home and another girl playing in the woman’s front yard.

“(He) stated he did not see the girls break the flood lights or put the mud on the windows but they asked him did anyone live inside the house,” the report said. “(He) advised he told the girls someone lived there and they needed to leave the area and return to their residence.”

The officer stopped by that home, but no one came to the door.

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