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Hinesville Police blotter for April 10
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• Welfare check/ DFACS referral
March 31
Oak Street
A concerned mother, who lives out of state, called authorities to check on her daughter who lives in Hinesville. She said she sensed something was wrong. An officer found the woman in bed in a disheveled house. When the officer asked her where her four children were, she couldn’t give a straight answer and seemed disoriented. While answering questions about her prescription use, three of her children came home from school and talked with the officer. The children said they didn’t know where their other brother was and that their mother had been acting strange. They said they didn’t want to live with her anymore and were waiting for their father. A fourth child arrived and when asked where he had been said he was around the corner and hadn’t gone to school that day because he had a fever. The woman was taken to the hospital for evaluation and their older brother, who no longer lives in the house, picked up the children. Police were unable to contact their father.
• Armed robbery-business
March 31
EG Miles Parkway
At about 8:30 p.m. a woman working behind the counter at a convenience store was held up for approximately $400 by a man carrying small handgun and wearing a black ski mask and camouflage clothing. Although her husband was also working in the store at the time, the robbery was quick and happened without him knowing. By the time he noticed what had happened, the robber was already getting into a four-door, white sedan heading toward Gen. Screven Way.

• Missing/endangered adult

March 28
Wellington Way
A woman called police because she feared her son, who she said suffers from a muscular disease that causes him to go into comas, was in danger or missing. The woman said her son went to pick up his sister from college but had not returned or called to check-in, which he normally does. The woman was also concerned because he never got his sister. The officer helped the woman contact Georgia State Patrol to find out if his car, a blue Dodge ram, had been in an accident, but they found no accidents involving his car.

• Harassing communications/prowling
March 27
Grove Point Road
A woman called authorities after she received calls from a blocked number that were followed by a tap at her window. She looked, but didn’t see anyone outside. A few hours later she got another call from a blocked number. When she answers, a man said he was thinking about her and wanted to know what she was wearing. The woman hung up and called 911.

• Aggravated assault with a gun/criminal trespass/assault and battery
March 28
South Main Ext.
An officer arrived to help a man who complained that his wife’s grandsons beat him with a handgun. He said the incident occurred after the two minors came into the house unannounced and without knocking, walking straight to the back bedroom. The man and his wife, who were sitting in the living room, scolded them for how they entered. They responded with obscenities. When the man then told them to get out, one of the boys got out a pistol and pointed it at the man. The boy then hit the man in the face with the gun and they struggled. The second boy started punching the man in the back and head. The man said he again screamed at them to leave, causing them to flee. On their way out however, they hit a fish tank, shattering glass on the floor.
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