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Hinesville Police blotter for April 11
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• March 26, Theft by shoplifting, 525 W. Oglethorpe Highway
A store clerk told police a woman took an unknown amount of hair-care products. The woman had a young boy with her, the clerk reported. She told police when the woman paid for her purchase she saw a box of hair color in the woman’s open purse.
The clerk managed to obtain the woman’s car tag number, according to the police report. Police identified the woman and contacted Fort Stewart MPs, according to the report. MPs escorted Hinesville police to the woman’s residence on post. She told police she had shopped in the store but denied taking merchandise, according to the report. The woman told police she was “picked on” because she was white.

• March 27
Disorderly conduct, 718 E. Oglethorpe Highway

A Glennville woman was in a local club’s parking lot yelling obscenities at people, police reported. An officer asked the woman to leave four times and she refused, according to the police report.

Public intoxication, 247 W. Gen. Screven Way
Police received a call about a man drinking inside of a laundromat. Officers approached the man who was sitting on a bench inside the laundromat. Next to him was a 14-ounce can of Colt 45 beer in a paper bag. The officer reported the man appeared intoxicated. Police asked the man to step outside and he appeared to stagger as he walked out the door, according to the police report. The officer reported the man became “boisterous” and began to curse and slur his words.

• March 28
Stalking, Brett Drive

A Brett Drive woman told police her ex-boyfriend had been leaving notes on her front door and using her name to contact her friends to obtain her personal information, such as her phone number and address. The woman said he also used her name to enter her Yahoo account, according to the police report. She also reported seeing her ex-boyfriend parked outside her house on several occasions.

Battery, criminal trespass, cruelty toward child third degree (FVA), Kelly Drive

A Kelly Drive woman told police her estranged husband had been coming to her home at all hours of the day and night to retrieve personal belongings, but would always leave something behind to have an excuse to return.
The woman said he shoved her onto the couch during an argument. She told police he then got on top of her and their 7-month-old infant, who she was holding, and choked her. The woman said she kicked and scratched him to get away and he released her and the child, according to the police report.
Her husband then ripped her glasses off her face and smashed them with his foot, she told police. The woman said he then took her cell phone away from her when she tried to call police, according to the report. She told police she ran out of the house with her baby and screamed for help.

• March 30
Suicidal threats, DFCS referral, Saunders Ave.

Police responded to a call about a Saunders Avenue woman making suicidal threats. The woman reportedly told her children’s grandmother that she had taken a large amount of pills.
Police spoke to the woman who told officers she had not taken any pills but admitted she told her children’s grandmother she had taken pills. The woman told police she was thinking about suicide because she was experiencing complications during pregnancy.
Police reported there were roaches on the walls, a refrigerator contained little food and the woman’s small children were awake and unclothed at 1 a.m.
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