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Hinesville Police blotter for Aug. 15
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Aug. 8 • Burglary – forced entry. Wildwood Drive
A Hinesville woman told police she saw signs of a break-in when checking on her daughter’s home. Her daughter was away training for the Army Reserve, she told police. The woman found a Wii game controller on the ground by the front door and found a flat screen TV and Wii game system missing, according to the police report.
She told police she found the top chain on the carport doorway broken and the screen door unlocked, as well as items missing from the master bedroom. The woman told police a gun kept in the top drawer of her daughter’s nightstand table also was missing.

Aug. 9 • Affray, Disrupting a public school
Police saw a large crowd gathered near a bus ramp and observed a teacher attempting to break up a fight between two students. Police assisted the teacher with escorting the students into the school resource officer’s office. The students were suspended and the teacher indicated charges would be pursued, according to the police report.

Disorderly conduct, North Main Street
An officer reported hearing a Hinesville woman using profanity “in a loud manner” when leaving magistrate court with two other people, a man and a woman. The officer advised the woman not to use foul language in public, according to the police report. The other woman also told her not to use profanity, the officer reported.
The woman continued to swear and the officer advised her she could be arrested and charged with disorderly conduct if she did not stop using obscene language, according to the report. The woman got into her car and began to drive away. As she left the area, she held up her middle finger and called the man a profane name, according to the report.
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