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Hinesville Police blotter for Dec. 12
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Theft by taking (teeth)
gold grille
South Main Street
Nov. 13

An officer responded to South Main Street Extension in reference to the theft of a gold grille (teeth) set. The complainant said she had a friend of her children’s staying at the residence for a short period of time but the person has since moved out. After the suspect moved, the complainant’s son noticed his gold grille (teeth) missing. She contacted the suspect and asked her about it. The suspect admitted to taking it. The complainant said she told the suspect to bring it back — twice — but she failed to do so. The called the suspect’s mother and spoke to her about the situation, and said the woman was rude and belligerent. She then called the suspect’s mother back and stated “If I see you on the street I’m going to whip your ass.” The officer informed the complainant she could not be making those kinds of statements. She stated she understood and was just upset about the incident because she tried to help the suspect by giving her a place to stay while she was pregnant. She advised the gold grille cost $350 for the top and bottom set. The officer advised the complainant how to obtain a copy of the report and on how to apply for a warrant. She was also advised to notify HPD if the suspect returns the item.

Possession of alcohol
by a minor
Pafford Street
Nov. 15

The complainant informed the officer of a student in possession of alcohol. He stated he observed the student passing a Sprite bottle around the lunch table. No one took a drink out of the bottle, but was sniffing its contents. The complainant approached the suspect and asked for the bottle. The complainant smelled the contents of the bottle and found it to have contained some type of liquor. He asked the suspect what was in the bottle and he stated gin and Sprite. The complainant immediately notified the officer. The suspect would not state who supplied him with the liquor. The suspect was arrested and transported to HPD for processing. He was given a citation for possession alcohol by a minor and released back to the school with a court date of Dec. 15. He was also suspended from school pending a tribunal.

Simple battery
Ogden Street
Nov. 18

An officer was dispatched to Ogden Street in reference to a third party complaint for simply battery. The complainant stated she and her son had a verbal altercation. The complainant asked her son to clean up and he refused. They began to argue and her son went to his room. The officer spoke to the complainant’s father via phone, who stated the complainant called him crying. The complainant reportedly told her father that her son was jumping on her, pushing her around and refusing to clean up. Her father told the complainant to call the police for help. The complainant stated she did not want to because her son would get in trouble with the law because he would not be able to get a job. The complainant’s father decided to call the police instead. The officer asked the complainant why didn’t she tell the truth about what occurred during the incident. The complainant stated she did not want to get her son in trouble. Her son pushed her and they struggled. The complainant stated she did not realize she scratched her son under his right eye and on the neck. The complainant admitted she was so upset she had to hit her son or have an asthma attack. The complainant’s son stated he only lifted his arms in self-defense. He did not push the complainant. The officer observed a long scratch on the right side of victim’s neck and under his right eye. The officer did not observe any injuries on the complainant at the time. Due to conflicting statements, the officer was unable to determine who was the primary aggressor.

Harassing phone call
Cobra Circle
Nov. 19

An officer was dispatched to Cobra Circle in reference to harassing phone calls. Two officers checked the rear of the residence and were unable to locate anyone in the area. One of the officers made contact with the complainant who said a man called her and said, “I know what kind of couch you have at your home and I also know you have a tongue ring.” She said the male subject also stated he knew about her having one child and a dog. The complainant said the caller noted he had long hair. The complainant said that about two months ago a neighbor who resides at Cobra Circle asked her to use her cell phone and looks similar to the description given over the phone from the male subject. The complainant noted the calls were from an unlisted number. The complainant’s residence was placed on the HPD house checklist.
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