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Hinesville Police blotter for Dec. 26
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Theft by taking - mothballs
South Main Street
Dec. 18

An officer was dispatched to South Main Street in reference to stolen mothballs. The complainant reported someone had stolen five boxes of mothballs from his front porch he had just purchased for $10 to place around his residence. He had put the bag of mothballs on the front porch while he was at the other side of the home. When the complainant walked back around to the front of the residence, he noticed the mothballs were missing. The complainant showed the officer a set of what appeared to be sneaker tracks. The tracks appeared to lead up to the front porch and then turn and head toward South Main Street. The complainant’s residence was placed on the house checklist.

Disorderly conduct
Regency Terrace
Dec. 18

An officer responded to Regency Terrace in reference to a possible harassing communication call. The complainant reported her ex-husband continues to call her and leave her messages. The officer listened to a message from what appeared to be a male stating he would have someone rearrange the gears in the complainant’s car if he did not get his took box back. The complainant also said she was afraid he would damage the car because her last vehicle caught fire. She noted she was told the offender took something from inside the hood 30 minutes prior to the vehicle catching fire. The officer attempted to call the offender’s phone, but received an answering machine. The complainant was briefed on harassing communication and family violence.

Simple battery
Hindering a 9-1-1 call
Westridge Court
Dec. 18

An officer was dispatched to Westridge Court in reference to a domestic dispute. The suspect/victim reported having problems with his girlfriend/ex-wife and said they had been arguing for a while when she went to call 911. The man said he took the phone and tried to get his girlfriend/ex-wife to talk to him before calling the police. He said she pushed him and took the phone back and called 911. The man said that was the only time they got physical. The suspect/victim stated he had no marks and only wanted to speak to his girlfriend/ex-wife.
The girlfriend/ex-wife said they had been arguing for a while when she decided to call 911 so he would leave. She said when he took the phone, she pushed him and took it back. That was the only time she touched him. She said she wanted him to leave for the night. He said he would and left the residence while the officer was still on the scene.

Suspicious activity
W. Gen. Screven Way
Dec. 18

An officer was approached by the complainant, a school bus driver, in reference to suspicious activity. The complainant stated she was dropping off the afternoon class at about 12:15 p.m. While the students were disembarking from the bus, she observed a black male standing on the sidewalk outside the school. The male was dressed in a tan-and-white middle school uniform with a gray, zip-up hoody that was too big for him. He lifted the waistband of the hoody to reveal a red bandanna that was tucked into his pants. She observed the individual do this to several of the students. He was further described as about 14 years of age, 5’5 and thin with short hair. She didn’t recognize him as a student so she informed the school administrator after the bus was unloaded. By that time, the individual had left the area. The school administrator was interviewed and stated she observed the male and determined he was not a student of either her morning or afternoon class. While talking with the complainant, she also stated that for the last two or three weeks several teenage males were seen loitering around the front of Food Lion while she dropped off the afternoon class. She said the students typically engaged in conversation with these five to 10 individuals.
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