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Hinesville Police blotter for Feb. 14
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• Jan. 22, Child molestation, Whippoorwill Way
A Whippoorwill Way woman told police her minor daughter’s mentor informed her that her daughter was having sex with a 27-year-old man. The woman reported her daughter admitted to having oral sex with the suspect on two occasions and gave police a copy of Internet chats between the suspect and her daughter as well as a photo of the suspect.

• Jan. 24
Prowling, 225 Sequoia Circle

A Sequoia Circle man told police he and his wife were having sex in their bedroom at 2 a.m. when they saw a man standing outside their window. Police inspected the outside of the window and saw what looked like urine from the window to the ground. Officers said they searched the neighborhood but did not find anyone to question about the incident.

• Feb. 2
Simple battery, 105 W. Gen. Screven Way

A Tupelo Trail man told police he was sitting at a table in a pool hall bar talking when a slim man walked up and punched him on the left side of his head. The man said the suspect asked him to step outside, according to the police report. The man told police he refused to go outside and said his wife also was in the bar.
The man said the punch did not hurt and he refused medical attention, according to the report. The suspect left the bar.
Witnesses told police they overheard the suspect say, “It was the wrong guy, let’s go!” Witnesses also said they heard the suspect discuss a shooting in Savannah. They did not know who the suspect was, nor were they familiar with the shooting he spoke about, according to the report.

• Feb. 5
Criminal attempt to commit burglary, 413 Lancaster Loop

Police responded to an alarm at a Hinesville home. The officer reported the kitchen window was broken and was open about six inches. Officers entered the home and reported the house appeared to be in order.
However, they found a mechanic’s socket in the backyard near the broken window and another socket on the kitchen floor, according to the police report. It seemed the socket had been thrown at the window, breaking the glass. Police contacted the homeowner who was not home at the time.

• Obstructing officer, criminal investigation, 794 EG Miles Parkway
A police officer stopped a car. The driver hurriedly got out of the car and ran down the road, disappearing behind a house, according to the police report.
The officer spoke to the passenger in the car and she told police she asked the man to drive because she had been drinking. She told police the man’s name and tried to call him on her cell phone but he did not answer, according to the report.
The woman could not provide police with additional details on the driver. The car was registered to the woman, police reported.

• Suicide attempt, 727 S. Main St.
A South Main Street man told police his wife had swallowed an unknown amount of lithium medication. The man said his wife had just taken the medication. EMS responded.
The wife was conscious and told police she was upset because her husband wanted a divorce. The man produced the bottle of pills his wife took. The bottle had originally contained 63 capsules, but the man said his wife had taken about half, according to the police report.
The man told police his wife had tried to kill herself at least eight times before and had recently been released from a North Carolina hospital for attempting suicide. The man said he had been deployed to Iraq but returned home because of his wife’s issues, according to the report.

• Feb. 6
Burglary, force entry, residence, 727 Elaine St.

An Elaine Street couple reported their home was robbed. The husband and wife were in the process of moving to a new home, they told police. They had left the house for the evening, and returned the next day to continue their move when they found both the front and back doors pried open and their downstairs furniture missing.
Police reported there were scratches on the home’s walls, which indicated furniture had also been moved from the upstairs to the downstairs. An upstairs door had also been taken off its hinges, according to the police report. Several of the couple’s neighbors told police they had not seen or heard anything suspicious.

• Harassing phone calls, 1125 Kelly Drive
A Kelly Drive man told police he had received a phone call from a number he did not recognize. The man said he did not answer the call. Shortly afterward, the man told police he received a call from a friend and, unknown to the man, a woman was listening in on the call.
The man said the woman threatened to beat him with brass knuckles for getting the friend arrested, according to the police report. The man told police he and his friend had recently been arrested on burglary charges.

• Identity theft, 290 Davis St.
A Davis Street man told police he went to a local bank to open a checking account. The man reported he was in the process of joining the U.S. Air Force and wanted an account for direct deposit. When he was at the bank, a bank teller informed him he owed the bank $140, according to the police report.
The bank teller reportedly told the man his name was listed as so-and-so in the bank computer. The man told the teller that the name in the computer system was not his, but the Social Security number was.

• Firing a weapon, disorderly conduct, public drunkenness, 735 E. Oglethorpe Highway
A police officer reported he was patrolling in the parking lot of a local restaurant when he saw a crowd gathering. The officer said a man in the crowd yelled profanity and shouted for people to “get back” as he pulled out a 9 mm gun and discharged a single round into the air.
The officer took out his duty weapon and ordered the man to lie down on the ground with his palms up and his feet spread, according to the report. Another officer assisted the first in detaining the man.
Police found a Ruger P89 9 mm handgun under a car the suspect was standing near, according to the report. The man told police the gun was his and stated he “made a mistake.”

• Feb. 8
Criminal trespass (FVA), 820 Debbie Drive

A Debbie Drive man told police his wife had burned five of his uniforms in a burn pit in the backyard and had damaged his motorcycle and laptop two days earlier.
The man said he was angry over the damage and then took several pairs of his wife’s shoes and several items of clothing and set them on fire in the burn pit. His wife admitted she burned her husband’s things because she thought he had been unfaithful, according to the police report.
No arrest was made due to insufficient evidence and the length of time between the burning incidents and the initial report. The couple told police they would be getting a divorce.
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