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Hinesville Police blotter for Feb. 7
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• Dec. 10, Theft by shoplifting, 1246 W. Oglethorpe Highway
A gas station clerk told police a man took about eight lottery tickets without paying for them. The clerk recalled placing the tickets on a counter beside the lottery display because there were only a few left and he had filled the dispenser with a new roll of tickets.
He told police the man had placed a phone card on the counter to purchase. The clerk turned away to help another customer and that is when the man took the tickets and put them in his pocket.
The store video recorded the man taking and concealing the tickets, according to the police report. The man then left with another man in a red Chevrolet Aveo or Ford Focus.

• Jan. 21
Indecent exposure, 804 Frank Cochran Drive

Police officers on routine patrol spotted a Frank Cochran Drive man urinating outside in front of an apartment building. The man told police he had a problem urinating and could not wait for the time it would take him to walk from his location near the parking lot to the bathroom inside one of the apartments.
The man was issued a citation for indecent exposure, due to the number of children who were playing outside.

Vicious dog, 1443 Firefinder Lane
A Firefinder Lane man told police two dogs killed his cat five minutes earlier on his front porch. Officers assisted animal control in catching the first dog and were prepared to catch the second dog when the dogs’ owner arrived.
The owner told police the dogs had gotten out of the house and she could not catch them. She said she gave up looking for the dogs because of heavy rain and hoped they would return on their own.

Jan. 22, Fleeing or attempting to elude, driving under the influence of alcohol, too fast for conditions, 799 Peggy Sue St.
A Lancaster Loop man was observed driving a silver Honda Pilot out of a Hinesville restaurant’s parking lot without his headlights on just after midnight. The man was speeding and made several turns until he stopped for police on Peggy Sue Street.
The man got out of his car and threw his keys over his vehicle, according to the police report. He appeared about to run, but stopped when an officer pulled his police car beside him. The officer reported the man’s eyes were bloodshot and the man admitted to having had five beers. He was administered several field sobriety tests before being taken to the police station.
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