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Hinesville Police blotter for July 2
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June 20
Simple battery/ Criminal trespass
720 E. Oglethorpe Highway

Police were called to respond to a fight at Western Sizzlin’ restaurant. Two men told police they were in the eatery’s buffet line with their sister when an employee bumped into the sister. The men said that after a verbal altercation with the sister, one man stepped in and began to argue with the employee. The men said the employee attempted to hit the man and the two started wrestling in the dining room. Witnesses said the employee was struck first and did not begin the physical altercation.

June 23
Terroristic threats or intimidation/suspicious acts
208 N. Main St.

Two juveniles told police they saw a man picking on an unidentified child. The child reportedly became upset and called his father, who came to the scene. The man and the child’s father argued. The child’s father went to his vehicle and came back with a gun. After another verbal dispute, the two men separated.

June 25
Possession of cocaine
Paul Caswell Boulevard

A Hinesville man reported his wife’s involvement with drugs to Hinesville police. Upon investigation, police found small bags of a substance that tested positive for cocaine in a pre-natal vitamins bottle in the woman’s bedroom. Officers then went to Buffalo’s to contact the suspect, who works at the restaurant. The man also provided a video of his wife talking to someone on her cell phone about obtaining drugs.

Burglary/Forced entry of residence
Lyndsi Lane

A Lyndsi Lane man arrived at his home in the afternoon to find a bedroom window broken and several possessions missing. Once police arrived, fingerprints were lifted from the scene and photographs were taken. One neighbor reported seeing two black juveniles attempting to open the front door. Another neighbor reported that the two juveniles were asking to mow yards in the neighborhood.

Death investigation
Garden Circle

A Garden Circle man reported a suicide attempt to police. Officers found the man’s roommate on the floor of his bedroom with a gunshot wound to the head. The man said his roommate and his roommate’s wife had gone out for drinks and argued when they returned home.
The man who reported the suicide attempt said he went to bed after his roommate’s wife left the house. The man said a fourth resident in the house later woke him and told him her firearm was missing from its case. The man then went to speak with his roommate and found him on the floor with the gunshot wound.

Simple battery/disorderly conduct/obstruction of an officer
Pineland Avenue

Hinesville police were called to a residence on Pineland Avenue in reference to abuse. The victim told police that she and another female walked into the home and her mother struck the victim in the face with a closed fist and knocked her down on the couch. The mother then reportedly jumped on the victim and choked her with her hands.
The other female was able to pull the mother off the victim and the two tried to run out of the home. The victim said her mother grabbed her again and began to choke her and beat her in the head. After biting the mother’s finger, the victim said she fled.
Police arrived and found the mother hiding in her bedroom closet.  The mother was handcuffed, but as officers took her to the squad car, she tried to run away. Police chased and caught her. The woman resisted arrest and began shouting profanities. Authorities forcefully apprehended the woman.

June 27
Simple battery FVA/ Cruelty toward children in the third degree/ Criminal trespass
Pointe South Drive

A Pointe South Drive woman told police her husband was drinking and they got into an argument. The woman said her husband poked his finger in her eye and left a mark, threw a bottle of vodka into the wall, smashed two photographs and overturned a fish tank during the argument. Their two children, ages 14 and 15, were in the next room. The woman called the police and waited outside for them to arrive.
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