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Hinesville Police blotter for July 28
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July 19: • Forgery of checks, West Oglethorpe Highway
A local tanning salon reported a check forgery to Hinesville police. A salon employee told HPD officers a $39.63 credit union check was written to the business for a spray-on tan. The originating bank returned the check to the salon as a stolen check, according to the police report. Police think the unknown person who wrote the check is not the owner of the checking account.

July 21
• Theft by shoplifting, obstructing officer, West Hendry Street

A local athletic shoe store filed a shop-lifting report. The store manager told police two of her employees saw a man take a box of shoes from a shelf, place them in a plastic bag bearing the store logo and leave the store without paying for the shoes. When Hinesville police apprehended the man the shoes were not found on him, but were found in the area where he was located.

• Simple battery, Regency Place
A Regency Place woman told police her boyfriend punched her in the face, allegedly causing her to lose consciousness for three to five minutes. The woman said her boyfriend had asked for the car keys and when she refused to hand him the keys he got angry, grabbed the keys and walked out of the apartment, according to the police report. She told police she didn’t want to argue with him, went to her bedroom and laid down for a nap.
The boyfriend later returned and lunged at her while she was lying on the bed, the woman reported. The woman told police she asked her boyfriend to leave and he again hit her in the face, allegedly causing her to black out. She said when she regained consciousness he was still in the apartment, according to the police report. The boyfriend reportedly left the apartment when she called police.

• Cocaine possession, Paul Caswell Boulevard
Hinesville police responded to a call of found narcotics. A Martin Luther King Drive man told police he found cocaine in his wife’s wallet. The man then took police into the house and showed them a clear plastic bag filled with a white powdery substance. Hinesville police contacted MACE to investigate further, according to the report.
MACE agents arrived and found a green tin containing another clear plastic bag filled with a white powdery substance, police reported. The contents of both bags tested positive for cocaine, according to the police report.

• Assist other agency, Lawnwood Drive
Hinesville police assisted local firefighters on a call. Firefighters reportedly had to break a window to gain entry into a house filled with smoke. The officer reported the origin of the smoke was not from a fire, but from a pot containing burnt oil and sausages. The homeowner was sleeping in his room when police and firefighters entered the home, according to the police report.

July 22
• Driving under the influence of alcohol, expired tag

Hinesville police reported stopping a Darsey Road woman for an expired tag. The officer said when the woman stepped out of the car he noticed her speech was slurred and he detected an odor of alcohol. She was given field sobriety tests and arrested for DUI, according to the police report.

• Simple assault, simple battery, East Oglethorpe Highway

A Ludowici woman told police she was jumped by three other women outside a local club. The woman told police the other women kicked her in the face, shoulders and ribs. She also handed police the hair she lost during the altercation, according to the police report.
The officer reportedly told her she would have to take warrants out against the women who allegedly attacked her. The woman was not satisfied with the officer’s reply and asked to speak to his supervisor, according to the police report. The supervisor then spoke to the woman, repeating what the officer had said, according to the report. Police reported she was taken by ambulance to a local hospital because she told them she was in pain.
Police interviewed other people at the club and most of the people they interviewed reportedly said the woman started the altercation, according to the written report.
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