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Hinesville Police blotter for May 2
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• April 7, Harassing communication, Whisper Lane
A Whisper Lane woman told police she received an unsolicited text message that included a photo of male genitalia. The message came from a former acquaintance the woman told police. She said she ended the friendship when she found questionable pornography on the man’s computer, according to the police report.

• April 22
Criminal trespass, 200 Bradwell Street

Hinesville police were told by Liberty County Board of Education employees two parents came to the BoE office and asked to speak to the superintendent. While waiting to determine if the parents could be seen, employees told police, the parents then asked to see their child’s teacher. When they were told the teacher was not available due to testing they asked to see the principal of their child’s school. Staff informed the parents the principal would not be available until the following day, again because of standardized testing being conducted in the schools, according to the HPD report. BoE staff told police the father got upset, picked up a potted plant and threw it on the floor, breaking the pot. The parents then left the building, according to the HPD report. On their way out of the building, the father reportedly said to the receptionist, “What are you going to do now, call the cops?”

Speeding, driving with suspended/revoked registration, open container, West Oglethorpe Highway
Hinesville police reported a Martin Luther King Drive man was pulled over for speeding. The man told police his driver’s license was at home. The officer reported a strong odor of alcohol on the man. The man told officers he and his wife had a fight the night before and he had been drinking most of the night. Police also reported the man threw a beer can out of his passenger window.

Discharging missiles, drug related objects, unruly juvenile, Pineland Avenue
A Hinesville woman told police she saw a boy shoot a BB gun in the neighborhood and that he even shot in her direction. Officers detained the boy and reported the gun was found in his book bag along with a glass pipe that contained marijuana residue. The boy also failed to comply with officers’ directions, according to the police report.

Criminal trespass, 411 W. Gen. Screven Way
A store owner told police he found graffiti painted on the building’s back wall and door. The graffiti was painted in gold, according to police. The letters “H.G.C.” with the number “52” under it and a six-pointed star with the word “Hoover” under it appeared on the store, HPD officers reported. Other symbols included “196 S” and “Melo” with “man” under it. Officers asked the store owner to allow an HPD detective to photograph the graffiti before painting the wall.

• April 23
Death investigation. E.G. Miles Parkway

An E.G. Miles Parkway woman told police a man had shot himself. Officers found the man in a room of a home with a bullet wound to the upper right portion of his forehead. A pistol was found between the man’s spread legs, according to the police report. Police cleared the home of family members.

• April 24
Armed robbery, Caines Road

A Sequoia Circle woman told police she and her friend were robbed at gunpoint. The woman told police she and her friend were driving to another friend’s house when they spotted two men in the road. She told officers she stopped the car to avoid hitting the men. When the woman stopped her truck, the men pulled pistols and yelled for her and her friend to get out of the vehicle, according to the police report.
She told police they refused to get out of the truck and gave the men cash. The woman said the two men fled the scene on foot, according to the report. She told police she called her Family Readiness Group leader before she dialed 911.

Criminal trespass, Saunders Avenue
A Saunders Avenue man told police neighbors had informed him someone broke his car’s side mirror. Earlier in the day, the man who may have broken the mirror reportedly went to the man’s house where his mother lived, according to the police report.
The suspect reportedly told the man’s mother he would kill her son. The suspect left the home and went looking for the man with a sword in his hand, according to the report. The suspect allegedly broke the mirror when he could not find the man.
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