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Hinesville Police blotter for Nov. 16
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Found property
W. Oglethorpe Highway
Nov. 8

An officer spoke with the complainant at the police station about found property. The complainant said she works at the McDonald’s at Walmart and saw a black woman leave the dining area. The complainant later found a black folder she believed belonged to the woman. It contained birth certificates and Social Security cards. The complainant said she waited to see if the lady would return but she failed to do so, so she contacted police. Attempts by authorities to contact the woman failed. The property was entered into the evidence/property room for safekeeping.

Loitering on school grounds
Carrying a concealed weapon
Carrying a weapon on school grounds
Pafford Street
Nov. 7

An administrator at Bradwell Institute told an officer about a suspicious person on school grounds. The complainant reported overhearing several students ask why the person was still on campus. She then approached the subject and asked why he was there. He said he was about to leave after having just finished lunch with his “bitch.” The administrator escorted the subject to the front office and requested an officer’s assistance. When the officer arrived, he recognized the subject from an incident earlier in the year. The officer asked the subject why he was on campus and he stated he was there with his girlfriend’s mother. The officer then asked about the identity of the subject’s girlfriend. He stated her first name but couldn’t recall her last name. He was also unable to tell the officer the name of the girlfriend’s mother. The officer then asked where the person was who gave him a ride to the school. The subject said, “She left” and noted his “homeboy” was supposed to pick him up. The officer then asked him if he signed in with the front office and he said no. He stated he did not know he had to sign in. He also said he walked past the officer because someone he knew was calling him. The subject was arrested and charged with loitering on school grounds. While searching the subject, the officer found a knife in a pocket on his shorts that were being worn under his pants. He was also charged with carrying a concealed weapon and carrying a weapon on school grounds.

Second Street
Nov. 4

An officer was dispatched to Second Street in reference to stalking.
The officer spoke with the complainant who reported being continually video recorded by his neighbor. The complainant said this is not the first incident and had filed reports in the past. He said the suspect would either come out to the street or record the complainant from his own property. He also said the suspect will record his wife or people coming into the house. The complainant said he had family over on Nov. 4 and as they were leaving, the suspect was recording their activities. He said he is in fear of what the suspect might do since he is also recording his wife and any children in the area. The complainant said this is not the first time the suspect has recorded them and other people in the neighborhood and has also been seen recording children. The complainant said this action is intimidating and believes he is being harassed.

Simple battery
Fairfax Court
Nov. 2

An officer was dispatched to Fairfax Court in reference to an assault.
The officer spoke with the complainant who said she was out with a male friend and received numerous phone calls from her boyfriend. The complainant stated her boyfriend wanted to know her every whereabouts but she just hung up the phone and did not answer him. The complainant said she and her friend went to the Walmart shopping center, and when she came out of the store she saw her boyfriend in a vehicle with his friends. The complainant said her boyfriend grabbed her right hand, bent her index, middle and ring fingers back and then attempted to choke her and slapped her in the face because she was out with another guy. The complainant said her friend had gotten scared and locked his doors to his vehicle and left her with her boyfriend in the parking lot. Her boyfriend took her to her residence where she was dropped off.

Theft by shoplifting
E. General Screven way
Nov. 1

An officer was dispatched to the above location in reference to theft by shoplifting. The complainant reported two black men entered the store and one of them asked the complainant for a cigar. The store clerk stated he asked the suspect for his ID and the suspect put a dollar on the counter, took the cigar and ran from the store. He said the other suspect stole a lighter and also ran from the store. The complainant said one of the men was wearing a black shirt and blue jeans, and they headed towards Bradwell Institute when they left the store. The complainant said he has the incident on tape but couldn’t release it at that time.
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